Charliegirl4u #fundie

We are in the end times and satan is working overtime to snag more and more souls and to divert attention from what is really going on. Anyone with a spiritual love and knowledge can see it, just look at the political evils surrounding us and that is just in one area. It is a BATTLE FOR THE SOUL!
Movies being made and remade coming from the "magic kingdom", the "land of enchantment" is just that, to deceive the masses and turn attention of the young from the truth in Scripture. It is a crying shame that parents think, "well it is just a fairy tale"!, well YEAH, what better way to entrap people in the thinking it is innocent than using the innocent.
There is nothing innocent about it!! It is EVIL!!
Parents better wise up and teach their kids the scriptures instead of taking them to Disney movies that glorify and identify with evil using magic, wizards, warlocks, and the such. ANY movie for that matter with these type overtones.
This just delights the devil leading up to the ultimate deception before the returning of The Lord. Look at all the television shows and movies that are about the supernatural, occult and spiritualism, etc., that is all you see being shown now. I pray every Christian takes it seriously and witness to others about it.
Angelina Jolie could care less, she doesn't believe in God anyway, I certainly pray for her kids. Hollyweird doesn't care, they all worship the almighty dollar so satan can manipulate them all the more for his deceiving purposes.
So Drew, you are spot on about this!



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