Jpan #sexist

(Hidden behind a mod bumper that says "Sexist Drivel". Top quote is also his)

Why is it alwsys the same kind of people that are activists. It's really not good to make generalizations but they fit soooo goddamn well. You just need to take a look at her Twitter. You know she was hated by most of her colleagues and went into activism because of that.

You are aware that you are answering all your questions yourself, right?

In this case let me ask why I should care what she thinks? She clearly doesn't make my field better. I alwsys thought getting more women in tech meant cool hard working girls who know their shit. Not a flock of activists who annoy the shit out of everybody with Master slave renamings and marginalized group investigations.

These people must be REALLY annoying to the cool women who actually just want to work.



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