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Recently, a pastor in a new church in town (, was given an diagram into the spirit of sabotage that he felt the Lord was revealing as a stronghold in the city were we have started the church. The spirit of sabotage is revealed in supposedly well meaning folks who try to undermine and then destroy a ministry. The example of sabotage is when Peter came along side Jesus and tried to stop him from going to the Cross. Associated with this spirit is the spirit of leviathan, which means twisting. The leviathan is often considered a crocodile which hides in the river of the Spirit of God as it is flowing, seeking to devour those unsuspecting people who gather at the river. He only is active when the Spirit of God is moving.

After the Lord gave this diagram to him, within a couple of weeks, one of the elders in the church started to oppose him and come against the worship that was taking place, resisting the gifts of the Spirit, etc. Then he left and tried to take people with him. He was one of the big givers to the church and as he has stopped given and tried to get others to leave, he has cut a big hole in the church's finances to the point of threatening its survival. The man really fulfilled the prophetic diagram, but we think it this is the spirit over our city, Butler, PA, and not just the church.

Attending this is the spirit of Leviathan, which is supposedly a seven headed principality or power. Butler, PA has been called the grave yard of charismatic churches, that causes Spirit filled churches to fail after a few short years. BUT Butler is also called a Gateway City, both for drugs and for the Spirit of God. So there is a battle going on.
I bring all this up in order to ask for prayer for this new birth church, where 25 people in the last twelve months have either been saved or recommitted their lives to the Lord.

I am also asking for insight and discernment in how to pray. We have walked the city and administered forgiveness in the Name of Jesus to the city.

Here is a diagram. I dont know how to post it on the forum... the image doesn't seem to work or allow an upload.



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