Tatsuya Ishida #transphobia sinfest.xyz

Submitter’s note: This is strip #29 in the “Down the Rabbi Hole” series (July 7, 2024), most of which appear to be inspired by the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.


Panels 1-2: Trans man card person with “he/him” button approaches gender clinic. They’re the four of melons. Tats has previously portrayed female card persons as being of the melons suit - the male ones have the normal hearts/clubs/spades/diamonds. This card person was portrayed in a previous strip¹ as emerging from the clinic “post-surgery”.

Panels 3-4: “Alice” (Year Person 2024) appears out of nowhere and does a timey-wimey thing.

Panel 5: Future vision starts. Trans man card person no longer has a suit or number, has a red gash with stitches across their upper card face, and an eggplant emoji stitched to their lower card face. This is how he was portrayed after emerging from the clinic in the aforementioned previous strip.

Panels 6-10: Trans man card injects testosterone, becomes horrified at the balding hairline and beard, becomes jealous of a pregnant woman, and has a big sad at what he has become.

Panels 11-12: Future vision ends. Trans man card person hesitates in front of clinic.

Panel 13: Clinic shown to have four stained glass windows: A king and a unicorn, a queen and a genderbread person², a jack and a scissors, a joker with a scalpel and a syringe. (The king and queen windows appeared previously.) Trans man card person discards “he/him” button and leaves. “Alice” leaves in the opposite direction.

¹Seen here in Down the Rabbi Hole #16: https://sinfest.xyz/view.php?date=2024-06-24
²Explanation of genderbread person here: https://www.samkillermann.com/work/genderbread-person/



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