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Its about time.........

It starts with just ONE.....

spoilerBREAKING: The Kettle Moraine School
Board in Wisconsin has voted
unanimously to ban political displays
including Pride/BLM flags in
classrooms, as well as banning staff
from saying in emails what their
preferred pronouns are.

@Carryingmarine The only pride statement that should be allowed is pride in the American Flag.

@Carryingmarine How about a vote in favor of bringing Christian prayer back? When will we stop compromising with the enemy and calling it a win?

@Carryingmarine Sad state of affairs when crap like this requires a rule to be made.

@Carryingmarine honestly the preferred pronoun thing should be easy to shut down, it's such a farce, all it would take was people declaring that their pronouns are we/ our or "fuck you". Better yet just use "liar" as the pronoun for anyone's who don't align with reality.

@Carryingmarine Except displaying the American flag. ALL public schools should be required to fly our flag. I’m tired of people saying that the American flag is racist or offensive. If the American flag offends you, you are in the WRONG country. Don’t let the door hit you on your ass on the way out. (SPIT)

@Carryingmarine They will need AR's on campus under lock/key now that they pissed off the queers!! Check with South Carolina on how to do it.



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