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Utah House passes bill calling for bathroom use according to gender on birth certificate

( BlackCirce )

If someone fully transitions to the opposite gender — and changes their birth certificate to reflect that change — they also could use the bathroom that corresponds to their new gender.

What does “fully transition” mean?

( BondiBlue )
Governments need to stop letting these institution-destroying radicals normalize and facilitate mass public records fraud. Changing one's name is no big deal (as long as the previous name is not obliterated; there is no such thing as a "dead name"). Changing one's birth certificate however, is the definition of a lie. What's to stop people from changing their birth year if they can alter their sex (not "gender") on official documentation? I am in my late thirties, but I don't identify with (stereotypes of) millennials or (stereotypical) "millennial culture"; do I have the right to change my birth year to the generation I identify as? If that's the case, then from now on, my pronouns are ok/boomer.

( Moonflower )
100% this. Retroactively editing birth certificates to make them say the literal opposite of reality should not ever have been on the table.

( Persimmon64 )
And how does one transition "gender"? I thought they already were their "gender" so they were trying to change their body to "match it." But if they already are their "gender" why do they need to transition to the opposite?

And how would they know what bathroom corresponds with their gender when bathrooms are separated by sex.

If they're separated by gender then I have no idea where to go because I don't have a "gender"

( cranberrysalad )
Someone made a great point recently in a comment on Ovarit that really stuck with me. I wish I remembered who and what thread. Anyway she said that altering the birth record alters the reality of others. The mother who gave birth to a son that is now changed to a daughter—how is it okay to alter her lived experience? It’s not just the TiM/TiP that is impacted.



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