Jean-Noël Strauss #racist #sexist #dunning-kruger

[Translated from "Race et beauté:les femmes congoïdes sont-elles moins belles?" - "Race and beauty:are Congoid women less beautiful?"]

As statistics from online dating services show, race is among the criteria[…]Congoid women are less succesful than other races' women. Satoshi Kanazawa, LSE professor and evolutionary psychology specialist, wrote Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? Basing on US study program Add Health[…]Kanazawa calculated a "Physical Beauty Factor." While one of his previous articles showed women were in average more beautiful than men[…]it wasn't true for Congoid women[…]
Why are Congoid women less beautiful? The professor rejects BMC[…]He also rejects hypothesis basing on the beauty-intelligence link-Congoids have lower IQ[…]
Kanazawa propose a hormonal justification. Congoids have higher testosterone[…]Testosterone is an androgen[…]Men are more viril and women more manly. These, less womanly, are less attractive[…]
As to the self-overrating of Congoids' beauty, it can be explained by higher testosterone rates, which favors self-confidence[…]
Professor Lynn notes success of Mongoloid women among Caucasoid men is caused by lower testosterone rates, making their face more feminine. Kanazawa seems to be on the right track



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