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[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait réglé la Libération en 1945" - "How Henry de Lesquen would have solved the 1945 Liberation"]

Here in ten points and a conclusion how should have been managed the Republican question in France after 1945

1. Republican continuity. Institued by the Third Republic Parliament, Vichy France would have been viewed as perfectly legal and legitimate
2. The sword (de Gaulle) and the shield (Pétain), as said colonel Rémy, would have been the official doctrine of the Republic
3. Marshal Pétain, former Head of State, would have received the honors owed to his rank and the supreme services he gave to France
4. National reconciliation. No one would have been prosecuted for collaboration done after the June 22, 1940 armistice
5. Freedom of opinion. a) Apologism for collaboration would not have been a crime. b) Repealed by Vichy, the Marchandeau Decree of April 24, 1939 [Earliest French law banning hate speech] would not have been reenacted
6. French courts would have tried every wartime crime, including those by the terrorist-resistants
7. Maurice Thorez and other Communists who deserted before armistice would have been tried, sentenced to death and executed
8. France would not have participed to the judicial curcus by the winners at Nuremberg to humiliate the vainquished
9. France would have rejected the nebulous, tendentious and retroactive notion of "crime against humanity"
10. National unity. The State would not have made distinctions among former concentration camp deported between Jews and non-Jews

Conclusion: Political conditions were unfortunately absent for this beautiful uchronia. Consequences have been terrible

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[Translated from "La discrimination est un droit de l’homme" - "Discrimination is human right"]

We already were banned to discriminate on nationality, religion, race, ethnicity, "sexual orientation", etc. Now the 19th discrimination: we aren't allowed to consider domicile. The State want to hunt down our guilty thoughts[…]
Freedom, discrimination[…] are succesive modalities of a single phenomenon, by which an individual exerces his will. "Discriminate"[…]means distinguish between things or people[…]
Everything started on 1972, with the Pleven Act, punishing "racist" acts or opinions. Antiracism was the matrix of the legal delirium[…]
The state has no right to decide instead of us what's good for us or to prevent us from doing what we deem just. A landlord shall be entitled to choose a renter by his own criterium, and, if he prefer a Black to a White, or the reverse, then it's up to him. A hirer should be able to freely hire whoever he wants and no one shall enjoin him to use religion, sex, ethnicity, religion or race, if he deems it fitting his business's interest

At this point, we are worried. In their futor, anti-discrimination fanatics could have the impudence to attack some of the most prestigious institution of the Republic[…]The proportion of Jews in the Rothschild Bank was higher than their proportion in the French population. Thus, they discriminate in favor of Jews. By principle freedom-loving, we think no one should attack the unalienable right of this bank to prefer Jews to Catholics. Freedom for the Rothschild Bank![…]If we were to ban Rothschilds from discriminating, some wouldn't miss to denounce this ingerence as persecution[…]
This imaginary scenario is evidence of how absurd and illegitimate is the anti-discrimination legislation[…]Justice being universal, discrimination shouldn't be only a right for the Jewish man, it also should be a right for the common man

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[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait réglé la question sud-africaine" - "How would Henry de Lesquen have settled the South African Question". From 2017.]


spoilerOn the left, a portrait of Mandela and then an arrow leading to the image of right featuring a noose

1. Nationality principle. One State on a continous territory for each Bantu ethnic group: Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, etc.
2. Bantu states would have been South African Republic (SAR) protectorates. They would have been set for independence
3. Congoids (Black Bantus) would have lost their South African nationality for their ethnic state's
4. South African people: Caucasoids from European extraction (Whites) and mixed-blood Caucasoid-Capoid (Hottentot Blacks)[…]
6. Foreign residents in the SAR, Congoids wouldn't have acquired South African nationality, binationality being forbidden
7. Apartheid, as a regime of mandatory segregation, would have been abolished. Private persons would have kept the freedom to discriminate
8. Safety would have been reestablished through merciless repression of terrorist acts
9. Nelson Mandela would have been tried as leader or a terror group, the ANC, sentenced to death for his crimes and hanged high and short
10. Subversion of institutions and collaborating with terrorists[…]would have been severily punished

Conclusion: No Vorster nor Botha. Strong from its identity, the South African nation would have recovered its place in the world

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[Translated from "Le projet culturel d’Henry de Lesquen" - "Henry de Lesquen's cultural project"]

1) The new cultural policy shall be national, popular, identitarian and shall spring from the Western culture's canons
2) The state shall fight cultural cosmopolitanism and the ensuing degenerate art
Degenerate art replaced the beautiful by the ugly. Degenerate non-art replaced the beautiful by the speech
3) Local government shall follow the cultural orientations set by the state[…]
4) National preferance: The cultural market shall be protected from foreign concurrence, which shall favor creation
5) Official art, supported by the state, shall express the nation's soul in the beauty of the artworks[…]
7) Negro music shall be banished from public broadcasters and progressively removed from those helped or allowed by the state[…]
Anyone can hear whatever he wants on CD or the Internet. But public space shall be cleansed

8) Epuration. The state shall get rid from artwork or items from degenerate art or non-art, both by selling and by destroying these
9) Obscenity and attacks on public morals, both being sprawn from cosmopolitan anticulture and degenerate art, shall be suppressed
10) English language shall be removed from France through law![…]
Conclusion: The new coltural policy shall be the beginning of a cultural renaissance in France, which always aims for greatness
National Liberalism. Freedom to create and free speech shall be total. But the state shall no longer help degenerate art

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[Translated from "Vers un nettoyage ethnique ?" - "Going to ethnic cleansing?"]

Events in Georgia showed us how difficult multicultural societies are. In South Ossetia, native Ossetians lived along Georgian-stock migrants who came from the interior. Relations seemed peaceful[…]Georgian military intervention[…]created the conditions for an "ethnic cleansing" of South Ossetia, which became homogeneous[…]"Ethnic cleansing": yes, the expression is horrible, when thinking about the misfortunes of those victims[…]Ethnic cleansing is as old as mankind. It occured, for exemple, after WW2, against millions of Germans who lived in territories annexed by Poland and Cezchoslovakia. More recently, on 1962, Frenchmen of Algeria suffered an ethnic cleansing which wasn't named such

When this terrible phenomenon occurs somewhere in the world, medias always use the same vain comments as litote: "It's uncomprehensible. Everything went well, before, between them and us..." Accusing evil geniuses of artificially exciting hatreds. Of course we can't ignore activists who, at first glance, caused the conflict. But a spark can't cause fire if there's no fuel. Ethnic cleansing and its parade of horrors often are fatal because multicultural societies are multiconflictualThe true culprits are those who created or let occur a mix of ethnicities or communities which was due to explode

France isn't sheltered from intercommunial violence. Ethnic cleansing already occured, at small scale, in migrant neighbourhoods, where old-stock Frenchmen had to leave. Riots which are regulary occuring in our banlieues are the foretaste of what's awaiting us if w don't take the good decisions. Stopping immigration isn't enough, migratory flux have to be reversed[…]

We have to bring France back to its identity. It's to avoid ethnic cleansing we support remigration

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[Translated from "Qu’est-ce que le cosmopolitisme ?" - "What's Cosmopolitanism?"]

"Cosmopolitan", which means "world citizen"[…]is by itself a subreption because every city imply an inside and an outside, an inclusion-exclusion relationship[…]{b]The so-called "cosmopolitan" can't be world citizen, he's citizen from nothing and he claims the world only to deny his duties to the city[…]
By inventing the city, the Greeks gave to patriotism its purest and most exigeant form[…]
Cosmopolitanism is one of the facets of the egalitarian utopia, the anarchistic and carnavalesque version[…]
A Cosmopolitan is a foreigner in his own city. He's also "foreign to himself", as per Julia Kristeva[…]
For this radical Cosmopolitanism, one can become free only though freeing oneself from traditions[…]True humanism[…]know freedom comes from identity[…]
World should be considered as the city of every man, and reject peculiar identity establishing barrers inside mankind. But, as we told, the city can't exist without borders[…]
There is thus an organic link between "cynical" immporality of Cosmopolitan ideology of the world superclass[…]and the Immigrationnism which is the Alpha and the Omega of the globalist speech

We shouldn't be surprised the world superclass worships the degenerate non-art absuively described as contemporary art[…]{b]Degenerate non-art, termed "contemporary art", is a vector of Cosmopolitanism. It subverts the sense of beauty, oppose traditions and has nor estriction when attacking artistic patromony, as shwon on 2008 by Jeff Koons in Versailles

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[Translated from "Rétablir la vérité sur l’esclavage" - "Reestablish truth about slavery"]

1)Current discourse is anachronic. Slavery can't be abolished below a given economic development level
2)Nobody want to be enslaved. But starving to death is even less desirable. Cruel choice[…]
6)Abolition had catastrophic consequences for everyone when it was premature, like in Haiti
7)Both Church Fathers and Stoic philosophers sanctioned slavery by natural law. They held it as a lesser evil[…]
9)Black slaves brought to America generally lived better than if they had stayed in Africa
10)According to Fogel, Southern black slaves' living standards were better than Northern white workers'
Conclusion:Slavery used to be a necessity. It wasn't a crime. We shouldn't be ashamed of our ancestors

Here 10 paradoxal observations about slavery to complete my analysis
1)Slave descendents asking for reparations should ask them to Africans, whose ancestors sold theirs
2)Slave descendents asking for reparations generally are mixed-blood also descending from slavers
3)Slave descendents asking for reparations wouldn't be alive without slavery
4)It's evident exporting slaves was rentable for Black polities and helped African economy until colonialism[…]
6)The 4 major religions(Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianism and Islam) all sanctioned slavery[…]
8)Those attacking the Atlantic slave trade are mute about the White slave trade by Barbary corsairs[…]
10)Hired workers' fate have no importance to their employers. A slave have much importance for his owners[…]
Conclusion:The myth of the crime against humanity solely applied to the Atlantic slave trade is a weapon of the Cosmopolitan propaganda

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[Translated from "Les cinq races de l’humanité" - "The five races of mankind"]

Here are ten points about the five races of Homo sapiens
1) The world is divided in 5 human races. Racial division of Homo sapiens is a fact of elementary observation confirmed and precised by science

spoilerWorld racial map

2) These five major races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Congoid, Capoid and Australoid (from Carleton Coon)[…]
spoilerRacial cranial layouts

4) Genetics confirm the anthropologists' typology[…]
spoilerPhylogenical tree

5) Race can't be reduced to skin colour. It has only a little importance
Scientists studied levels of genetic differenciation among races. Nervous system biggest variation among human populations, more than skin colour[…]
7) Average IQ racial difference mostly caused by genotype, not much from environment[…]
spoilerRace differences in intelligence

8) Misgenation does not remove races, it adds an intermediary type between both original types and can even, on the long term, create new races, as it is being done in Latin America[…]
10) Races are not equal, because equality isn't from nature[…]Genes determinating race have a racially varying physical and mental influence. Equality of citizens before law[…]is not the equality from nature. So is the moral equality preached by some religions or philosophies


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[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait traité la question algérienne" - "How Henry de Lesquen would have solved the Algerian Question"]

Here, in 10 points and a conclusion, how I would have solved the Algerian Question after 1958
1. I wouldn't have signed the Evian Agreement nor delivered Algeria to the FLN terrorists
2. I would have rejected the illusion of integration, Muslims from Algeria couldn't be truly French
3. Partition of Algeria, colonial fiction. Four states under French protectorate: Algiers, Constantine, Oran, Sahara[…]
5. Muslims and Jews would have received nationality from Algiers, Oran, Sahara or Kabylia
6. Of French nationality, the "Black Feet" [Algerians of European extraction] would have received the citizenship of their State of residence, which would have separated both notions
7. Not being French anymore, Muslims and Jews from Algeria wouldn't longer have been allowed to migrate to France
8. The crime of collaboration with FLN terrorists would have been mercilessly suppressed and traitors would have been hanged by hundreds
9. Ultimatum to Morocco and Tunisia, warned to cease all assistance to FLN under penalty of war
10. The four Algerian states might have been independent later in a renewed French Union. France would have kept its army there

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[Translated from "Pourquoi il faut interdire l’avortement" - "Why Abortion Should Be Banned"]

Here's a 10-point analysis on the question of abortion. And a conclusion
1) The child is constitued since conception. He has a genotype. He has a soul[…]
3) The law shall allow abortion only in two cases:
-The woman had been raped;
-Pregnancy endengers the woman
4) Excepted in these two cases, abortion is premeditated murder: assassination. In utero infanticide
5) Back to the 1810 Penal Code: abortion held to be a felony and punished with prison
6) A woman who aborts is a mother who decided to kill her child. She is the first guilty[…]
9) Abortion is also a crime against the fatherland: 200,000 death by year, 8 millions in 40 years
10) With her law of 1975, Simone Veil is the first responsible of the choah of French children
Conclusion to win the battle of opinion, abortion shall be denounced as a felony

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[Translated from "Le programme d’Henry de Lesquen pour ressusciter la famille" - "Henry de Lesquen's platform to resurrect the family"]

Here's a 10-points plan to resurrect the family:
1. Constitution shall state marriage shall unite only two persons of opposite genders[…]
3. Christian marriage shall be recognised by law and dispense of civil marriage
4. Couples shall be recognised only in marriage. PACS shall be abolished [PACS is a civil union in France]. Concubinage shall be ignored
5. Authority. Restoration of the Head of Family. It shall be the oldest spouses, apart if they decide otherwise while marrying
6. Outside of testament and child maintenance, adulterous children shall not have rights at the expense of legitimate children[…]
8. National preferance. Allowances and other aids shall be reserved to French families only
9. The 1975 Simone Veil law shall be repealed. It shall be a felony to kill a child in his mother's belly
Abortion shall be allowed in cases of rape[…]
10. Real universal suffrage. The Head of Family shall vote for his minor children

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[Translated from "Le cosmopolitisme détruit notre civilisation grâce à la musique nègre" - "Cosmopolitanism is destroying our civilizations thanks to Negro music"]

1. Cosmopolitanism is the dominating world ideology. Cosmopolitans hate fatherland
2. Cosmopolitanism ends both the nation's physical borders and its moral borders that traditions are
3. Cosmopolitan ideology destroy our identity not only through immigration but also through deculturation, thanks to Negro music
4. Invasion of the West by Negro dance and music since one century represents civilizational regression
5. Dominated by rhythm, addressing to the paleocortex (reptilian brain), Negro music makes the man a wildman
6. Promotion of primitive arts since one century feeds cultural relativism subverting our civilization
7. Cosmopolitans are not open but closed to identities, the truth, beaury, moral. They’re barbarians
8. Cosmopolitanism shall lose in the long term because it runs contrary to human nature
9. I defend identitarian universalism or Incarnation universalism, opposed to Cosmopolitanism
10. We have to bring back France to its identity. It is to avoid ethnic cleansing that we advocate for remigration


spoilerCharles de Gaulle: "It is very good that there are yellow French, black French, brown French. They show that France is open to all races and has a universal vocation. But [it is good] on condition that they remain a small minority. Otherwise, France would no longer be France. We are still primarily a European people of the white race, Greek and Latin culture, and the Christian religion"

Negro music: above, Jazz. Below, rap. Rock, in its rythm and its obsenity, is typically Negro music, even when plaied by Whites. It is tam-tam, which sung in all Negro music

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[Translated from "Abolir la religion de la choah" - "Abolishing the Chah"]

Here are 10 free and insolent remarks about the religion of Choah, and a conclusion

1. It is better to write choah. "chine vav aleph hè" = choah (catastrophe). Sh, it is in the English language
2. Sacredness being the essence of religion, there is a religion of Choah
3. The religion of Choah has four dogmas:
1) Extermination plan
2) Six millions dead
3) Gas chambers
4) Uniqueness
4. The Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990 [A law repressing Holocaust denial] protects the dogmas 2 and 3 of the religion of Choah against heresy and blasphemy[…]
6. Ancient Jews bragged in the Old Testament about the genocides they did. Cf. http://lesquen2017.com/2015/12/12/comprendre-le-judaisme/
7. The Jewish Choah by Germans caused 5 time less death than the Slavic Choah by the Jews ruling the USSR until 1953
8. The religion of Choah is racist since it puts Jewish suffering above others
9. France is no longer a secular country since the religion of Choah is officially sanctioned
10. The religion of Choah is the foundation of the current political system. Cf. http://lesquen2017.com/2015/08/16/une-analyse-en-10-points-du-systeme-politique-actuel-par-henry-de-lesquen/

Conclusion: for the salvation of France, we have to end the religion of Choah, starting by repealing the Gayssot Act

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[Translated from "Pour une immigration négative" - "For a negative immigration"]

As soon as he was named as Minister for Interior, in 2002, Sarkozy declared the principle of immigration zero was to be forgotten

"Immigration Zero" was the official dictrine of every government, both right and left, since 1974. The expression meant the numbre of entering foreigners ("x") had to be equilibrated with the number of leavers ("y"):x-y=0. But, for Sarkozy, there should be more entrance: "x" had to be way higher than "y". It is positive immigration

I am hostile to immigration zero. I adhere even less to positive immigration of Sarkozy, Hollande and Micron [Mix of "Macron" and "micron"]

I am for negative immigration: "y" has to be (largely) higher than "x." We have to invert the migratory flux, so as to the number of leaving foreigner is way higher than the number of enterances

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[Translated from "Race et beauté:les femmes congoïdes sont-elles moins belles?" - "Race and beauty:are Congoid women less beautiful?"]

As statistics from online dating services show, race is among the criteria[…]Congoid women are less succesful than other races' women. Satoshi Kanazawa, LSE professor and evolutionary psychology specialist, wrote Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? Basing on US study program Add Health[…]Kanazawa calculated a "Physical Beauty Factor." While one of his previous articles showed women were in average more beautiful than men[…]it wasn't true for Congoid women[…]
Why are Congoid women less beautiful? The professor rejects BMC[…]He also rejects hypothesis basing on the beauty-intelligence link-Congoids have lower IQ[…]
Kanazawa propose a hormonal justification. Congoids have higher testosterone[…]Testosterone is an androgen[…]Men are more viril and women more manly. These, less womanly, are less attractive[…]
As to the self-overrating of Congoids' beauty, it can be explained by higher testosterone rates, which favors self-confidence[…]
Professor Lynn notes success of Mongoloid women among Caucasoid men is caused by lower testosterone rates, making their face more feminine. Kanazawa seems to be on the right track

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[Translated from "Pour maîtriser la haine raciale, il faut réémigrer les allogènes" - "In order to overcome racial hatred, foreigners have to be remigrated"]

This is the end of the Week against Antiracism and Cosmopolitanism. Here are 10 reflexions on the vulgar antiracism which is destroying France
1) The denunciation of racism delivers France to immigration
2) I am racist in the good meaning: racial consciousness; and antiracist in the good meaning: I morally condemn racial hatred and oppose racial reductionism[…]
4) Racial hatred is an ugly feeling. But we have to use it because we are at war against immigration. It is a power source which can help France to rise up
5) Racial hatred, like all forms of social hatred, can lead to horrors. Thus, they have to be overcame
6) In order to overcome racial hatred, foreigners have to be remigrated. Multicultural societies are multiconflictual
7) Vulgar antiracism deny the existence of human races, which is aberrant
8) Vulgar antiracism is the mask of the cosmopolitan ideology, which deny identities
9) Vulgar antiracism is implicitely racist, since it set apart anti-Semitism anti-Jewish racism, from other forms of racism
10) The priority, for the salvation of France, is to repeal the Pleven Act of July 1, 1972 [an act banning hate speech and racial discrimination] and all the antiracist legislation

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[Translated from "Program for remigration", written in 2017]

1. Non-European foreigners' visas shall not be renewed
1) Government shall revise the statuses of these millions of paper Frenchmen [Snarl word used by the french Far-right for those they deem not "real Frenchmen" in account of their migrant background] and deprive them of nationality in cases of indignity, binationality or lack of assimilation[…]
3) A Stay Tax shall be enacted to pay off public debt and incite to remigration[…]
3. It shall be illegal to furnish housing, work, schooling, healthcare or any help to illegal foreigners. This crime shall be punished with 5 years of prison[…]
4. Illegal migrants shall receive healthcare only in their detention place. The State Medical Aid [Public scheme to pay for healthcare of undocumented migrants] shall be repealed
5. A State Secretariat for Remigration shall be established. Illegal migrants, these outlaws, shall be deprived of civil rights. They shall not be able to enter contracts. Their property shall be forfeit to the State
6. Detention and deportation of illegals shall be a political question judges shall not be able to rule on
7.The SSR shall open concentration camps (these camps already exist and are named detention centers) where illegals shall be held with their families until their deportation, without time limit[…]
9. The crime of unlawful stay shall be reestablished. Recidivists shall be sent to prison and deported afteir serving their sentence
10. Supremacy of French law: Constitution shall be amended (article 55) to ensure the regularity of the mesures needed for remigration. The Council of State [Supreme court for administrative jurisdiction, French equivalent to the Privy Council] shall not have any say and CJEU [Supreme court for the European Union law] rulings shall be null and void

Conclusion: remigration by itself shall be enough to reduce unemployment and fix public finances