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People who are offended by black metal are depressed, and [making them listen to it] may actually help them, because they are repressing human nature. People are eating fucking garbage and taking pills, while the Enlightened Ones are breeding children for food. You're sitting in your fucking safe house in the evening with the TV on, being completely oblivious to what's going on out there. It makes me fucking sick, but I've gotta laugh about it, because of how retarded everybody is, and what can you do about it anyway? It's all ridiculous: they want you to eat plants, while they eat children. Just. Fucking. Wake. Up. You are slaves.

In Georgia, there was a case of an African-American seventeen-year-old kid who was found mysteriously dead at school. He died in the gym, they did an autopsy, and they buried him. His family, they weren't satisfied with the results because they still wanted to know what happened to their son.

They had the body exhumed, found out that his organs were missing and his body was stuffed with newspapers, and people are still trying to find answers. The officials down there in Georgia, they act like they don't know what's going on.

There's another case out here in California. Young African-American man was found dead in Death Valley. All his organs were missing: liver, heart, lungs, all gone.

There's a case in the UK, recently. A Somalian girl was brought over there for organ harvesting. They were going to harvest her organs, and they stopped that.

There's a case where a couple Asian couple went over to Africa. They adopted a black girl. Two weeks later, she was dead.

So these cases of organ harvesting are just going on all over the world. And people are being real quiet about it.

I should add that these children are not just kidnapped. They are in some cases bred by families as a cash crop. We have people in the United States of America that breed children in order to sell them, and when they are sold they come without birth certificates, which means it's easier to kill them and have no-one ask where they are.

We are also importing children by the planeload. Again, children who have no documentation. It's not just child slavery, or child sex abuse, it's also child torture, because you have adrenalised blood.

It turns out that drinking children's blood is an anti-aging device. It's a fact. It's a chemical fact. And if you drink adrenalized children's blood, which is to say you terrorize the child, not just with sodomy, but with torture and with other satanic ritual things, if you adrenalize the child's blood before you kill them and drink their blood, this is a doubly-effective anti-aging device.

You can also harvest children's bone marrow. So children are being killed for their bone marrow as an anti-aging device.

It's not as if me and the people who watch these videos are the only ones who got this figured out. There will always be enlightened people and their goal is to keep you away from nature, because then, there will always be a void. A few examples:

If you don't have children, then you will end up getting pet animals to take care of. Or overload yourself with other meaningless stuff just to fill the emptiness. None of it will ever help, of course, because all that you want are children.

How about overeating and binging on fake food. The root cause of all eating disorders is not eating raw meat. Your natural diet. Every eating disorder would be healed by drinking blood and eating raw meat. Only nature satisfies. What the fuck do you not understand?



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