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This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.
A uterus is there to bear children. It's the only organ that's there as life support for another life.

A uterus is there to help keep alive the life that you started. Your own kidney isn't supposed to be in other people's bodies. That's the difference.

(The uterus is also the only organ that someone can choose to use or not.)

Edit: You can also choose to not use your brain, as evident by the comic above.

There’s also a causal difference that introduces the aspect of responsibility for one’s actions. In all cases except for rape, sex was a choice, and if that choice causes the creation of a new life, then the mother is responsible for that life until it can be safely taken from her care (barring danger to her life of course, in which case self defense enters the equation). Just as anyone else is and should be held responsible for the outcomes caused by their chosen actions.

That’s the same thing,”when a baby is using your uterus nonconsentually”, or however I paraphrase, it’s not taking a kidney, bone marrow, skin, your eyes, it’s taking what’s its; and people need to take responsibility rather than claiming responsibility is impossible; and the overturning of Roe v. Wade never set this notion, because this is an unlike comparison


Menstruation lol

The uterus is actually just a house for the baby. The organ the baby really relies on is the placenta, which is the babies organ(it’s only there when there’s another human growing in the woman) which essentially is the woman using the baby’s organ without its consent 🥴

This is like the concert violinist argument with more steps and extra absurdity.

That argument went out of fashion almost 20 years ago because it doesn’t work.

The fetus has special rights to a woman’s body because she put it there. This is the highlight of juvenile thinking: “My actions don’t have consequences.”

Rape as the exception only proves the rule.



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