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Incels Should Support the Jews and Their Goals, Here's Why

made a thread earlier today about why incels should support communism. Many of the responses were criticisms of communism by calling it a "Jewish system". One poster even mentioned how Marxism is just a branch of Judaism. My response on this is quite clear, Jews are based and incels should support them 100%. Here is why:

Aryans and Jews have been fighting each other since the dawn of Sumeria. Ever since Sumeria was taken over by a Semite Sargon of Akkard, the Aryans and Jews have been at perpetual war with each other. The Aryans of Sumeria were eventually driven out and migrated to India, Egypt, and China (where they became the aristocratic elite as shown by ancient mummies), as well as Europe where they became the general population. Sumeria degenerated into a slummy corrupt civilization and eventually collapsed. Since then, the Jews and Aryans have been diametrically opposed, Aryans were the "builders of civilization" and Jews were the parasites and destroyers of civilizations. While Aryans were welcomed by native peoples to be the aristocratic elite in the realms of India, China, and Egypt, the Jews had to sneak their way into the bureaucratic structure through deceit and nepotism. Once in the Jews would do everything in their power to mongrelize the Native population and "de-aryanize" it.

After reading the above paragraph, one might ask why they should ever support the Jews over the Aryans? Jews seem like a nasty parasitically evil group while the Aryans appear to be nation builders and naturally noble. On a closer look, the nature of the Aryan and the Jew stem from little other than lookism. Aryans are naturally beautiful, they naturally got along with each other due to the halo effect. Their looks allowed them to empathize with eachother and build societies based on the rule of law. Non-Aryan tribes, particularly the semites, were cast aside solely due to their looks. Semites were seen as outsiders by most other tribes, especially the Aryans. After all, why would a civilization of beautiful blond people want ugly hook nosed people among their ranks? The Semites and non-Aryan tribes were essentially bullied by the Aryans for being of inferior genetic stock. This is where the semitic hatred for the Aryans comes from. This is why they would rather parasite their way into Aryan civilizations than build their own, because even if they did build their own they would always be an inferior laughing stock of the beautiful Aryans.

We should sympathize with the Jews and understand their agenda, because on a global scale Jews are incels whose ideological subversion is rooted in looks-based inferiority to the Aryan race.



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