Roger Marks #fundie

(Commenting on story “Belgium Considers Assisted Suicide for 23-Year-Old With ‘Poor Mental Health’”)

How long before they just start making those decisions for their patients all on their own...

Alan Smithee:
Slippery slope argument. Won't happen.

Roger Marks:
You are so gullible. Every act of government approved killing always starts with "consider." It starts with a white paper, which is then converted into a green paper which is then converted into a discussion paper, which is then converted into a parliamentrry committee which is then converted into a draft law which is then converted into a law passed by parliament.

This period of time will go down as the most dangerous to live in as government thinks up all manner of things to kill off people that are considered less that useful and on the basis of that is what people want.
In my State the majority were against euthanasia especially doctors. Never mind, according to the government that is what people wanted (read, that is what we want). Add to that abortion made legal at any time and what hope have you got of ever living a full and happy life.
You have to wonder why government want to make it legal to kill people off? Probably because it makes it cheaper for government because they don't have to have medical facilities cluttered up with less than useful individuals.
it seems we have learnt nothing from the Hitler holocaust.



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