Christian Militia #fundie #wingnut

At the Christian Militia movement, we are concerned that in both our government and daily lives there is a lack of the teachings and following of the Bible. The government through Congress has persistently failed to legislate a Biblical form of government but has only been bowing to the desires of men and not the Will of God allowing underrepresentation of people in the House of Representatives allowing for untruthful, corrupt, non-Biblically based policies to determine the appointment of individuals to our Senate, the office of the President and to our courts. The commandments of man are a hindrance for the full realization of the Kingdom of God today. When the states ratified the Constitution of, by and for the people, it set America on a path away from the law of God. However, as ambassadors of God, we must choose between a government of, by and for the people, and a government of, by and for God. A Christian’s devotion cannot be split between God’s law and man’s law. We have to remember that as Christians our devotion is due exclusively to God, His kingdom, and His Holy Word. The battle of God is also our battle, which is to prepare for the coming of His Kingdom here on earth, governed solely by His perfect Word and not for the protection of any man-made laws.



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