Love333 #fundie

6 + 6 always equals 12 and at the same time it does not. It is how you perceive it. The perception makes it real.

Synergy can occur in Pharmacology when
1 + 1 = 3

If you use a number system that does not involve the english "12" than "12" does not matter in that system. It is irrelevant.

All is fact and nothing is fact. Just as all is opinion as nothing is opinion. They are separate yet equal. 6 + 6 = what you perceive it to mean or what you do not perceive it to mean. An
infant cannot perceive the answer. So the answer is not perceivable to an infant yet that is the infants answer. It is right to an infant but wrong to you. Yet in the bigger sense both are right and wrong because we are all one.

How do you know an electron exists if you cannot truly see it clearly with your own eye just as the the untrained animals knows where to go season after season? How could you possibly know the truth if your mind is closed?



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