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[Note: Dr. Rex Archer is the director of the Kansas City, Mo. Department of Health]

Rex Archer is a garden variety, run of the mill Progressive, elevated far beyond his intellectual station by way of his association with the Secular Religion, known as - Progressivism.

The ends do justify the means when your newly acquired GOD demands that you centralize all control into the priests/bureaucrats of the new religion who reside on Mount City Hall - Olympus where the select few, deigned mostly holy by way of skin color at birth, now determine our future. The interpretation of the laws, which are now a daily moving target, is left to simpletons like Archer who spew the expected vitriol against those unfortunates who find themselves in the sights of the mob that day.

Progressives are the newest version of Religious fanatics who fully understand the hypocrisy, lies and deceit necessary to daily promote two, three and four tiered justice systems that persecute innocent citizens and deny moral agency to certain favored groups of law breakers. It doesn't matter, after all, GOD has spoken to us!!

Rex Archer = a low level beadle whose thirst for power and sinecure is disguised - he hopes, by his adherence to this sick theology that worships at an altar supported on the backs of American mask wearing slaves.

The Totalitarian, Fascist imperatives of the BLM/Jacobin/AntiFa are paramount and those grinded up in the gears of the new paradigm can bend the knee, or, perish.



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