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( @stevenfranssen )
The vaccine shedding is still real. People just forgot.

( @NaniEight )
@stevenfranssen If the vaccine shedding were real; "Died Suddenly" hashtag on Twitter and reports of sudden deaths throughout the USA and World, wouldn't all have 1 thing in common: they're all vaccinated‼

Even the Democrat Congressman's 17 year-old daughter who #DiedSuddenly in her sleep: was vaccinated! Every "adult" over 18 dying in their sleep of the new disease "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" wouldn't only be happening in people who've had COVID VACCINATIONS ‼

What MSM doesn't point out; during the COVID pandemic lockdowns and until recently, infants and toddler's deaths from "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" (SIDS) plummeted to near nonexistent: because parents weren't taking their kids in for routine scheduled childhood vaccinations!

So, I'm not buying the vaccine "shedding", as there's no scientific proof: like unvaccinated dying of sudden cardiac arrests, myocarditis, pericarditis, or killer clots.

( @Linda_Littlejohn )
@NaniEight @stevenfranssen the shed particles, whatever they are, 'virus' or spike protein affect the non-jabbed people differently than it affects the jabbed. Partly because of the route of exposure the unnatural injection route or the more natural inhaled or skin contact routes. Also, the injections have other ingredients in them that make the response more deadly

( @EvaVonBraun )
@stevenfranssen yes!!!!! I was just talking to my SIL about this how every time I was in close proximity to vaxxers especially freshly boosted ones I always had a bad bug for a few hours. Chills, fever, tired, glands swollen, etc. And it was every single time. Sometimes worse than others.

( @1954shadow )
@stevenfranssen after 2.5 years from working at home, the non-jabbed like myself, got called back to the office to work, three days a week and two at home. My coworkers that I have not seen for that period of time, id say, 99% took the jab. One thing I noticed, most of them look puffy in their faces, maybe it is just me. I take loads of Vitamin C and D to boost my immune system.

( @Gurple )
@stevenfranssen we need to wear masks and social distance to avoid getting contaminated by the shedding vaccines



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