BondiBlue & Rheya #transphobia

Robert Kennedy Jr does not support trans women in female sports

( BondiBlue )
So of course the Dems declared there would be no debates. The last thing they want is for Grandpa Joe to actually have to defend his abhorrent record of institutionalizing this madness as not only a domestic but foreign policy priority.

He's got my vote on this alone. I honestly don't give a shit he's an antivaxer. COVID is yesterday's news and the Democrats cannot credibly claim to be the party of trusting science. Heck, with "transablism" and critical disability studies shaping up to be the new "civil rights" frontier, I give it a few years before the mainstream party starts lauding #PolioPride as a protected identity anyway, like they've done with deafness, Down syndrome, "neurodiversity"... Might as well get ahead of the game!

( Rheya )
Right? If I have to choose between wacky beliefs, I’ll take his vaccine views over gender ideology. One is skepticism of the overly-cozy links between government and pharmaceutical companies, and the other is essentially a religious belief about gendered souls being used to decimate women’s rights and child safeguarding and our collective sanity and our connection to truth. No contest for me.



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