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Israeli Extremist Who Called Christians 'Blood-sucking Vampires' Faces Criminal Investigation
Reform Movement's Religious Action Center contacted prosecution after Lehava head Bentzi Gopstein demanded Christians be deported in article entitled 'Eradicate the vampires.'

In the article, entitled “Eradicate the vampires,” Gopstein wrote, “In recent days I’ve been walking around the country feeling a very uncomfortable feeling. I’m not talking this time about the lack of personal security that stems from the government’s helplessness against the Arab enemy, but a lack of spiritual security, the destruction of the fort, the collapse of the Jewish people’s defense line against our deadly enemy for centuries – the Christian church.”

Gopstein continued that the church over the centuries had tried its best to destroy the Jewish people, but has “suffered a crushing defeat, because the Jewish people now have one of the world’s strongest armies and there’s no chance for them to destroy our bodies. There’s only one last chance for those blood-sucking vampires - the mission... If they cannot kill the Jews, they can still try to convert them.”

He added, “Stores for missionary literature are selling their wares for all to see on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem; entire communities are infested with missionaries, many businesses are run by them and serve the mission, often using camouflage and without the knowledge of their employees.”

Gopstein continued: “The same revulsion that was the lot of every Jew, the loathing that we described above that saved us during those dark days in Europe, has been fading with the ‘good life’ of the age of democracy. The barriers have come down, and the mission is waiting to attack its prey.”



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