Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut #quack

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
There will be accountability and people should go to jail.

Repeal ALL vaccine mandates immediately.

Investigate ALL VAERS reports.

Strip away liability protection.

Restore ALL accounts canceled for trying to tell the truth, including mine.

@repmtg Remember... Trump has not given a damn about ANY of this!!! Instead he pushed for it and kissed the rear end of everyone involved!

@ILoveDragons @repmtg

Trump should be criminally charged for his role in Operation War Speed.

@repmtg Who gave the order to attack the population? Who gave the order to poison us and ruin us? Who planned the plandemic? Who has benefited from this attack on humanity, on life, on freedom?

You should pose these questions.
Everything else is noise, so people don't think, and the murderous agenda continues.

How about you tell your old man Trump his "beautiful miracle vaccine" isnt beautiful nor a miracle. Then I will listen to you a little.



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