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Vaccine and Pharmaceutical WITCHCRAFT and How Evil Laboratory Warlocks “Conjure” the Deadly Concoctions
The practice of black magic involves “witches” who use specific natural elements to cast “spells” that harm humans. Often, these witches commune with evil beings to create formulas or “potions” and recite incantations for casting those ritualistic spells. In the real world, the practice of “black magic” involves scientists in laboratories who use dangerous elements from nature to concoct vaccines and medications that harm humans.

Often, these pharmacologists and immunologists create potions from deadly animal venoms and viruses, then they collude with the CDC and FDA to promote their incantations (spells) for the populace to repeat, such as “safe and effective” or “benefit outweighs the risk.” This black magic, evil “witchcraft” is happening right now with COVID-19 “vaccines” and VenomTech laboratories for pharmaceutical prescription medications.

The “voodoo” of gain of function viruses for harming humans and the black magic “alchemy” of prescription drugs that contain deadly animal venom peptides

There is no more insidious way to “curse” humans than to make their “medicine” and vaccines toxic and lethal. Over $4 billion has been secretly paid out to those families of injured and killed victims of vaccine violence, and billions more to those whose health and lives have been destroyed by prescription medications, including those of the opioid epidemic.

Incantations about the “safety and efficacy” of vaccines have been propagandized by the medical industrial complex and regulatory agency heads, namely Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky. The push for population reduction using the witchcraft of vaccines and pharmaceuticals is nothing short of pure evil. Nature has been corrupted in laboratories to make humans sick by means that would never exist without mankind’s interference, intervention and malicious intent.




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