Various Incels #sexist

Brutal These two foids next to me are busy bragging about the number of grade schoolers they have slept with.

I shit you not, one of them is claiming how sad it is that they have been single for so long and had to resort to fucking kids.

Reminds of a thread I made a while back about adult foids on the bas talking how hot some underage chad high schooler was. They spoke so loudly and shamelessly. Women can get away with things that'd get you arrested, make you lose your job or just get you ganged up on by white knights

SuicideFuel Foids were talking loudly about how hot an underage chad was

I eavesdropped on a conversation like that one time... pure suicide fuel.

Imagine living in a world where women would rather risk breaking the law to fuck kids than fuck you as grown adult. When I was a kid I was mostly yelled at by old hag teachers because I was a massive daydreamer and got in trouble fornot following directions.

just do the nastiest most smelly shart u ever did and claim your territory

(trying to ascend)
Why do they brag about something that is easy af for them? I'ts the same thing as I starting brag about walking or breathing



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