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Europe/EU is not becoming non-religious -- it's simply changing its religious foundations from Christian to Muslim in a gradual, evolutionary process. Do you think the imams' call to prayer resounding through cities such as Paris and London is indicative of a "non-religious" culture ? The secular Europeans who represent the non-religious culture you refer to will be gradually supplanted in numbers, power, and influence by the ever-increasing immigration rates and immigrant birth rates from Muslim countries - it's merely a matter of arithmetic given the European fertility rates continuing to sink below replacement levels.

Given the spineless, head-in-the-sand response of European "leaders" - Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, et al., to the demographic and cultural reality of Muslim immigration and the aggressive religiosity of anti-Western Muslim clerics (e.g., Anjem Choudary) in their midst, the transformation should be complete in a few more decades.

There are about 80 sharia courts in the UK. Europe will not have a good future if it becomes like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia through Islamisation.

This network and the rest of the liberal media bombard their
listeners and readers on almost a daily basis with statistics indicating
"racial disparities" in home ownership, college attendance, disease
occurrence, unemployment, and everything else under the sun - up to and
including such allegedly profoundly meaningful statistics as National
Park visitation and Oscar nomination rates. The commentors above
simply raise the question why such "analysis" is absent when it comes to
urban crime rates.



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