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I don’t understand how I have threatened you? You are welcomed to message me if you want to explain how or if you want to just talk.

In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, the sin of homosexuality is listed right next to theft. Just as there is no genetic excuse for stealing, there is no genetic excuse for homosexuality. Environment, culture, and choice make one a thief, and the same factors make one a homosexual. I do believe the cure for homosexuality and all other sins are found in Christ. In Christ alone, we find the source for healing, restoration, forgiveness, and comfort. He is the way by which we can all experience the affirming, unconditional love, value, and acceptance of our Father in heaven.

The most loving thing anyone can do for a homosexual, murderer or any other sinners is to share the Gospel with them. So what I am doing is loving because I don’t want any unrepented sinners to go to hell so I am going to warn them about the sins they are in and I am going to share the gospel with them because that is the most loving thing someone can do.



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