Robert T. Lee #fundie

Another objection we will encounter from proponents of the first amendment is, they will say "Even though the first amendment allows for a heterogeneous society, it also allow those who want to worship the true God to do so. You are not being prevented from practicing your religion and expressing the same."

But those who would make such an assertion do not really understand what it means to honor, worship and obey the true God under a heathen government and in a heterogeneous society. True worship and obedience to God puts saints in direct conflict with a heathen government and with all of the idolatrous religions and ideologies. The principles of democracy and manmade beliefs are the direct antithesis to the principles of the kingdom of God. If there are certain righteous practices of the saint which the heathen government thinks should not be practiced, the government is going to seek to prevent those practices by seeking to bring the saints into obedience to the heathen laws of democracy. Therefore, because the saint lives in a heathen and heterogeneous society, he is going to suffer as a result of his worship and obedience to God.



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