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Daily reminder

spoilerNot a single person regrets not getting the vax.
Not one.


I reluctantly received the Johnson and Johnson vax in the early days of the pandemic, falsely believing it would protect my elderly family, colleagues and friends.

It didn't. In fact I caught covid a few months later. I'm in my 40's fit and doing alright. My close friend and roommate at the time, is 69, 320lbs, a pack a day smoker, drinker and all-in-all. Not very healthy by many standards.

I almost died, after being sick for 6 weeks. He was sick for 8 days. Guess what, he was not vaxxed.

I know its anecdotal, and some have no reason to believe me. Just the same, getting the jab has been one of my greatest regrets in my entire life. I will never acquiesce to this scare tactic shit again. I'll leave here when my time is done, absent any governmental devilry where we the people are guinea pigs.

@Trouble_Man I regret any vaccines I have gotten in the last 30yrs as my food allergies are off the charts and makes my life difficult to eat out with family and friends. It is not just covid vaxs you need to be wary of!!!!

@Trouble_Man (Overheard): "I got Covid for the second time after my 3rd booster; I had 103 degree fever for two days. Image how bad I would have felt if I hadn't been vaxxed..."

@Trouble_Man I ENJOYED NOT GETTING THE FIRST VAX, THEN I enjoyed not getting the second even more... I was ecstatic about not getting the booster and I am so happy that I am not going to get the fourth one either!

@Trouble_Man For over a year, my 16 y/o granddaughter was basically discriminated against (no field trips or after-school activities) because of no clot shot. She's learned how many people blindly do what they're told, not researching, not questioning - and made the decision not to be a sheeple.
I thank God she's awake... not woke!




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