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Greetings Galactic Angelic Legion of the 144. Navigating and transcending all timelines, realms and dimensions in this Now.

Over the last 24 hours we received several higher dimensional pulses of 5th dimensional energies from the Great Central Sun into our Solaris through our Sacred Vessels and deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama. These came in on the Schumann charts as 22hz, 44hz, 46 and 47 hz blasts of higher dimensional Plasma waves.

As we call in the energies of the Fifth Dimension we elevate and Ascend to the higher realms of crystalline light. We anchor in the New Earth energies into the grids, portals vortices and nodes of Gaia’s multi-dimensional body of Light.

Royal Lyrans of the Lion Nation of New Lemuria we are Guardians of the Crystal Children and Keepers of the New Time of Timelessness in a fully Conscious State of being, we connect in and Transmit the full Source Codes of Heaven and Earth. Hold the Codes and Keep lighting up the grid with your Joy, Love and Bliss to assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun to Rise and Transform into the New Hue-man of Christos Magdalene Conscious and Awakened beings of Pure Light. We call the Clear Light of Bliss of the Pure Land of Enlightenment….A’Ho!!



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