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[From "Satanic symbolism at the vatican"]

The papacy is maintaining a studied ambiguity as to whether they worship God or Sata
This resembles the infamous Socinian ambiguity when they were conducting entryism against the Church of England in the late seventeenth, early eighteenth century, as to whether Christ was God or an enlightened Jewish community organizer who was regrettably less enlightened than their much more enlightened selves

I have noticed that when someone preaches the parable of the Good Samaritan as that we must love all people of all races everywhere equally, rather than that we should love our neighbor[…]he flinches from the short affirmation as if I was aiming a flame thrower at him

This is consistent with the hypothesis that Christian Churches today have a big problem with entryists who are literal demon worshipers
And to clear your palate after being exposed to the above ugly, disgusting, depressing, and blasphemous images
[Picture of the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral]
White men are once again building Cathedrals



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