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From and including Tuesday, July 5, 2022, When CERN broke the Record in energy
To, but not including Monday, May 15, 2023, when this article released is,

Result: 314 days, PI 3.14
44 weeks and 6 days #446 aurora borealis=446, Now all of a sudden you can see it More and more from the US As the Bridge between Worlds is collapsing! The 446 was on the Side of the Afghan Plane during the Evacuation!! This 446 Code is connected to the Destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge!! “Rainbow Bridge” = 446(Reverse Franc Baconis) CERN Is destroying the bridge between our reality and the spiritual realm The Rainbow invokes time in the occult Saturn the Father of time, Saturn is not a planet, it is a Parallel dimension Of the Fallen. I know you all have spent most (if not all) of your life thinking that rainbows are harmless. In films and literature, there is usually a very vibrant, awe-inspiring rainbow in the sky immediately following something traumatic. Well, I'm here to tell you that you have been programmed to believe that rainbows are harmless things. And they basically are. But the SYMBOLISM of rainbows in magic is very real and powerful. Let me explain: The Rainbow, also known as the Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge, and its corresponding 7 colors have long held occult significance as a very spiritual, hypnotic device.
Like the one at the Falls in New York, The Rainbow Bridge Between Realms, We have them all over the Planet like on the Temple of Apollo where CERN Is Built, But Niagara Falls is not just a natural wonder, but a cosmic crossing and a portal between realms. The powerful energy of the falls is a result of its location on a ley line and its connection to other mystical sites around the world. Some believe that extraterrestrials aka Fallen Angels, use the falls as a gateway to visit Earth. The Rainbow Bridge that spans the falls is not just a tourist attraction, but a symbol of the connection between different dimensions and planes of existence.



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