Robert T. Lee #fundie

Are you a homosexual or gay male who feel you are a female with a male's body? Or are you a homosexual or gay female who feel you are a male with a female's body? Its time you are told the truth about what is happening to you.

The terribly abnormal feelings you have are indisputable indicators that you are morally sick and totally depraved. But please note carefully the following fact: The feelings, thoughts, imaginations and indecent desires you have that are opposite to your physical gender and proper role may also indicate that you are possessed by one or more demons. Think about it: Why are you physically a male who feel you are really a female? Or why are you physically a female but feel you are a male? What would make you feel you are the opposite to your physical gender when you do not willfully or intentionally make yourself feel that way? It is because another being inhabits your body. At some point in the past, one or more demons entered into you and began to inhabit your physical self. As a result, you can clearly see your true physical gender, but the demon(s) are preventing your true self from manifesting itself and are making you feel, speak, have desires and act in ways opposite to your true gender.



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