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RE: Canada Military Trumpets Diversity… With Picture of Eight White Men


Canada’s defence minister, Harjit Sajjan... The only thing sillier would be U.S. Five-Star General Hideki Tojo in World War II.

The most silly thing I heard was a Bangladeshi Muslim who is some MP in Scotland complaining that 96% of the politicians are Scots. I mean if he goes to his country Bangladesh, 100% of the politicians are Bangladeshis.

(Robert Kelly)

Can you imagine a country such as that or the Japanese having a minority prime minister? It's not going to happen.

So Japan isn't going to have an Iranian Prime Minister anytime soon??? Rats.


I believe that MP is the Justice Minister no less (yes, a muslim as Justice Minister) and I know he was shouted down for his racism and his stupidity. Of course no muslim or non-white should ever hold any government post in any white country.

They shouldn't be in any white country - period!

We’ve been conditioned to let it go when blacks start complaining but when one of these south Asian monstrosities starts making demands then that’s a call to an uprising in my humble opinion.

We should not tolerate either.

(Robert Kelly)

'...Institutions around the world are keenly aware that it is important not only to increase diversity and inclusion...' Any news from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sri Lanka or Chad as to that diversity and inclusion?

Saudi Arabia definitely needs more Jews in their government. In fact, I propose that an atheist, homosexual Jew made Mayor of the Islamic Holy City of Mecca. Who's with me??

atheist, homosexual, transgender FEMALE Jew. I am with you. Let me remove my star, my kippa and tallith... Ah, and sign me up for that transginger (Eric Cartman's claim) thing operation.

Atheist, homosexual transgender female Jew>>>>>>atheist, homosexual Jewish male on the SJW totem pole of oppressed minorities.



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