Mega Magi #crackpot #sexist #racist

As a young girl, what I found strange was that my uncles didn’t show much interest in my two brothers and, for the most part, acted as though they didn’t exist; however, as soon as they reached puberty, my uncles started displaying this brotherly love toward them. It was as if my brothers had suddenly become new creatures that my uncles finally recognized as one of their own. Later, I concluded that puberty is when BM mysteriously shift into the predatory/prey relationship toward BW. My uncles were grooming and preparing my brothers to participate in the many ways that BM degrade, abuse, and exploit BW.

The wool has been pulled over most BW’s eyes and they have been manipulated into birthing and raising their greatest enemy; A deadly mistake because an adversary that is raised in your house has the ability to study your strengths & weaknesses and then later turn and destroy you. Basically, BW are birthing and raising each other’s Abusers & Enslavers.

Despite having raised BM in their homes, there is a huge gap in BW’s awareness and understanding concerning who BM are; especially when it comes to their true motives for everything they say, and do towards BW. I recently heard several BM “unicorns” talking within their so called brotherhood circle and one of them stated that a BW who he is in a relationship with thinks there is a partnership, then he said that there can never be a partnership because he views her as a second class citizen. Shortly afterwards, I heard another unicorn say that when society collapses & turn bad that many BM were going to sell their wives and daughters; I ‘m sure his wife thinks her unicorn is going to protect her when SHTF.

BM know that their penis is an instrument of DEATH and their semen is a pollutant that paralyzes & disorients BW’s mind, like snake venom. I also believe BM sperm operate like nano bots that rewrite genetic code and enslave BW’s mind. Their demonic sperm causes BW to be much more likely to attack other BW and also is why it is extremely difficult to save the majority of BW. BM are angry with True Divestors because they are not under their demonic spell, unlike other BW who have been Zombified. Your Enemies will NEVER DO or GIVE you ANYTHING that will benefit you, especially their Penis; the BM Penis is toxic THAT’s WHY ANY BW CAN GET IT!



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