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The following statement made in the article: "The answer, to creationists, is simple: There is no love, no humanity, in a world WITH EVOLUTION" is a lie about creationists because that would refute creationism's own view. Creationism actually does believe in evolution—micro-evolution. But limits the theory to “micro”-evolution (speciation) due to the assumption that a “kind” can only bring forth after its own kind, that an animal will not turn into a different kind of creature. So, for example: a fish, no matter how many times it mutates, will always be a fish. Despite the mutation creating a new species of fish, a new species of fish is not a new “kind” of animal (what the bible would classify as an animal “kind” is the equivalent to the biological classification of “family”). A new “kind” of animal—a new “family” of animal—would be a fish turning into into a dog or a proto-dog. The dog/proto-dog is not a species of fish, but a totally different “family”. And they don't believe that can happen due to the assumption that a kind only brings forth after its own kind, no matter how much time has passed and how many times it has mutated. And the only thing making people disagree with this? Their belief / assumption that one kind of animal can actually turn into another kind given enough time and mutation. A difference in assumptions, that's all.



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