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In reality multiculturalists are monocultarilsts as these supposed 'liberals' tend to be against genuine diversity, believing that mankind is essentially 'one' and that culture and indeed race are 'social constructs' that people can merely adopt in a pick and mix fashion. What these illiberals really seek is the elimination of the Aryan race as it sees this race as responsible for all the ills of the world and the suppression of 'minorities' and women (read feminists and lesbians). Interestingly (and alarmingly) these so-called 'minorities' are now forming the majority in our urban towns and cities. By the way these illiberals prefer the term humankind as opposed to mankind, believing this term to be 'sexist', although man is a species and women are a part of it. It is also convenient for them that there are indeed two sexes not one, making a mockery of the whole concept of homosexual 'marriage' for these people are unlikely to reproduce although this does
not stop councils from kidnapping children from their natural parents in order to hand them over to such couples. As an aside Family Courts are shrouded in secrecy as the state goes about its often diabolical business.

No doubt the outlawing of incitement of hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation was a necessary prelude to the introduction of homosexual marriage. This did not originate with Cameron and the Coalition government but with New Labour when they introduced the Civil Partnership Act of 2004. Civil partnership was a form of homosexual marriage in all but name and it was supported
by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, again proving that you get the same legislation regardless of how you vote. The 'hate speech' legislation made it very difficult for people to oppose homosexual marriage without risking intimidation by the Police who have unfortunately evolved into George Orwell's Thinkpol (Thought Police), although I am sure that as individuals many Police Officers are honourable and just as sickened by the depravity of modern society and our governments as we are, so this should not be construed as an attack against them.



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