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It’s true. People probably care about your personality 20% but if you are hot enough they will put up with anything.

Case in my point, my mom used to be super beautiful and now she looks awful because she is one of those women who really let herself go. But she has an amazingly horrible personality. Like out of this world awful, she’s abusive and she just starts screaming at you if you don’t agree with her, telling you to go die and you are a worthless piece of shit etc. but she used to have a shitton of suitors. Like she used to get a huge amount of gifts, attention, etc etc anything she wanted. Objectively speaking she has no sense of logic and has no empathy, she also continuously talks about how great she is and how smart she is. But the shitton of guys who obsessed over her didn’t care, and society didn’t care either because she used to get Grade A treatment from people in general all because she was beautiful. It’s almost like your personality could be boring as a rock and you could be the shittiest person alive and guys would pick that over a girl they actually get along with. It’s almost like relationships in general aren’t real because 90 percent of it is based on how attracted the guy is to your face and ass and boobs, not you. As anyone not had this experience where guys actually care more about your personality instead of what you look like?



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