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Venting In defense of suicide: why suicide sometimes can be the answer.

Normies always like to say suicide is never the answer and that it gets better. It doesn't always get matter. They seriously think that for every MF it actually gets better! Gwahahahaha! pathetic fools!

Some people struggled to persevere. They tried their best, and things never got better. So they roped. Many times I would hope it'd get better, but it wouldn't. For example, I posted days ago about a 50 year old virgin with social anxiety disorder who never could find anyone because he had social anxiety disorder (a death sentence if you're sub8). He had zero chance of finding someone because of it, so there was no point in trying. Even if he found someone, he'd still feel depressed because he never got to do it when he was younger like over 99% of the population. He tried but never succeeded. And being a virgin at 50 would be a huge red flag to women (and even men for that matter). He decided he gave up on life and he said he would've killed himself a long time ago if it wasn't for false hope.

Suicide is labeled as selfish. Actually, forcing a person to continue suffering just so you can stay happy is actually selfish. I cannot think of anything more evil and inhumane than to force a person who is suffering to continue when they won't get better. If this 50 year old man really is suffering and has zero chance of getting better, let him end his life. It's over for him. He fucked up his life. Let him end it. I don't care about "what about your family?". You and others probably didn't help him until he threatened to rope anyways.

People say "my body my choice" for abortion but not for suicide. Well guess what? My body my choice. If i wanna rope, i can rope if i want. I get that death is horrifying, but if they're really suffering and it won't get better, let them go.People eventually move on. If you can't handle the mourning then just commit suicide yourself, too. It isn't such a big fuckin deal.



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