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it might rain copious amounts of water but it won't stay on the mountain as ice and it will all run down at once...."

Taking your statement at face value it would seem that, given the decades of advance warning of such a scenario, reservoirs could be built to reserve the fresh water for human use before it goes to the sea. Such reservoirs were built all over the semi-desert landscape of California back in the mid-20th century before the State Gov't was taken over by envirowackos and today such reservoirs are the State's main bulwark in contending with the drought even though the population has doubled.

... and the "science" to which you refer is the doomsday scenario promulgated by grant-grubbing researchers who are paid by governments to recommend increases in taxation and centralized government power. 'Nuff said.

So various watermelon groups "cited Legates' ties to several groups that have supported or emphasized skeptical stands on climate change while they also received regular contributions from ExxonMobil..." (!)

Oh, I get -- Legates has "ties" to "several groups" who received "regular
contributions from ExxonMobil" so he is - voila! - guilty by association ! If you can add to your argumentum ad hominem by saying he has been "linked" to such groups, you might have good job prospects as a MSM newsreader.

"But when scientists brought the mayor a map plainly showing that much of Coral Gables would be underwater in a few decades...."

Hallelujah !! Scientists finally found something useful to do with all that federal grant money by inventing a "map" that can foretell the future. (And all this time I've had to rely on palm-reading by Madame Zhuzhu at the county fair.)
Where can I get a copy of one of these maps so I can find out who's going to win the World Series before Las Vegas bookies do ? ... and find out where the S&P 500 Index is going to be at the end of the year ?

All limousine liberal movie moguls who are members of the Climate Change Cult should prove their belief in globull warming by trading me their 20 million dollar Malibu beach home for my little bungalow that is safely 600 feet ASL.



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