Kenneth Wood #fundie

Holy Mother Church rejoices!

Funny, isn't it: The Church has remained strong and steadfast for 2,000 years in Jesus' word: defending life at all stages--no abortion, no euthanasia, no stem cell cloning, defending traditional marriage, and strengthening the family.

And yet some poor souls see the Papacy as some sort of springboard for a new utopia for "democracy" or "women priests" or "gay rights," or "social justice," or,...just fill in the blank for the cause-du-jour. This is silly. It's stuff and nonsense. Typical human grasping for power, arrogance, and greed.

The Church, formed by Jesus himself, (hello, there--Jesus was a MAN, not a woman; there goes the idea of women priests right out the window,sorry) will always be here. Jesus told us so (and HE never lies; HE can never deceive nor be deceived.) And the gates of hell and death shall never prevail over it. A lowly and sinful fisherman, Peter, was appointed by our Lord as the first leader of the Apostles. Pope Francis continues this unbroken line.

Get this straight folks: The Church has NEVER changed; only society and its mores and customs have (all for the worse.) Secularism and the tyranny of relativism has infected the human soul. Look around you for the results; need I say more?

The Magisterium, the Holy Bible and Tradition are the pillars of the Church.

We see the Holy Spirit at work here strengthening us in our pilgrimage on earth as we grow in God's love under the leadership of our beloved shepherd, Francis.




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