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Ritual Pact with the Dark Gods of Vampirism on Walpurgisnacht, April 30

Double-certified initiation with the Dark Gods
Enhanced power to harness vital essence
Psychic guidance & gnosis by the Undead Lords
Freedom to astral travel to The Vampiric Realms
Lycanthropic shapeshifting of your Astral Matrix
Bond with your Fylgja, i.e., Animal Spirit & Totem
Boost your magick powers to accelerate ascent
Unite with The Vampiric Strain, i.e., the royal bloodline of immortal Ascended Vampires
Certified Ritual Pact - $499
Pact with Vampire Gods – Certified Ritual
Performed by author N.D. Blackwood
The Witches’ Night – April 30
Watch a live recording of ritual performance
Download a Ritual Orientation eBook
Get $500 off – Save 50%
Vampiric Gods have existed since the dawn of European civilization in ancient time.

The traditional folk-vampirology of Slavic Eastern Europe and mysteries of werewolf cults of Scandinavia from the Middle Ages have always been presided over by dark deities. The exact nature of these entities remains largely a mystery. Vampirism and Lycanthropy have existed in the European subconscious since a time before the arrival of the Celt.
For those who embark on the path of a Vampiric Pact, there is no way back. The pact will align the vibratory rate of the practitioner with that of the undead members of this strain of vampires, gradually transforming you into one of their own. The astral and mental bodies of the adept then will undergo a process of crystallization, thus provoking a phenomenon of definitive rupture with their superior bodies.
A stern warning: The Vampiric Path, a.k.a. The Path of the Dragon, is truly dangerous in nature. This ritual will open you up to Dark Gods to transform your life, and in particular, your Afterlife. It must, in any case, not be made for the purpose of curiosity. I will perform a certified ritual pact with The Vampiric Gods on the medieval unholy day, Walpurgisnacht, a.k.a. The Witches’ Night, April 30.



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