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r/PinkPillFeminism is open again ... and their new rules now forbid "transphobia", JFL:


spoilerPosted by u/trucrimepill

r/Againsthatesubrecldits is TRANSPHOBIC (they banned me, a transman) and then they play warrior and pretend to TRAs. Bullshit. I want everyone
to know the real face of r/AHS.

Note from the moderators:

Please don't hate, I am a transman. But don't you think drag is kinda like blackface? I hope I am making it clear, that blackface is when you dress up as an oppressed minority, but then can dress back up in your privileged self after the show. This is different from transpeople like myself who are an oppressed minority in itself and can't dress in and out of stuff. In blackface, white men painted themselves black and acted outlandishly because black people weren't allowed to act. In dragface, or womanface as I would like to call it, dress up as women and act outlandishly and it stems from women not being allowed to act (look up ancient romans to Shakespeare, etc).

If you have a question regarding your ban. you can contact the moderator team for r/AgainstHateSubreddits by replying to this message.

Pinkpilled trans"men" accusing Reddit normies of being "the real transphobes" is as cringe as Republicans accusing Democrats of being the real "white supremacists".



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