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Looks like they’ve found a way to harvest young healthy uteruses: offer young girls a way to escape womanhood by offering them free flesh tube surgeries as well as double mastectomies. You’ll never have an orgasm. But hey, isn’t it all worth it to avoid cat calls?
Hmmm, never hear a cat call or never have an orgasm? What a great option for women. Thanks, dudes. No orgasms, but you’ll feel a lot “down there” in the form of chronic UTIs. Chance of a “piss bag” is high as well as getting a companion colostomy bag. What percentage of a very young population will be disabled? It won’t be just the initial surgeries snorting up your tax $$. All so the linebacker in a miniskirt can have a uterus that doesn’t belong inside him. And kills him. Like “The Danish Girl.”

I thought the NHS was broke? It can now afford to do 70,000 dollar surgeries to create a penis made from arm skin?



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