Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
Americans are under no moral obligation to grant amnesty to lawbreakers, drug smugglers, murderers and rapists.

The left desperately wanting over 30 million new voters will never justify throwing American families and workers under the bus.

( @Rick )
@DrPaulGosar the left is at war with makes no sense to pretend otherwise

( @Noam_dePloom )
@DrPaulGosar Americans are also under no obligation to grant amnesty to lawmakers who use their position to implement unlawful mandates, travel restrictions, bans on meeting to worship, etc.

What happened under COVID tyranny was an act of war against the American people. They literally tried to starve us into submission - to a demand that was unlawful in the first place.

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@DrPaulGosar They aren't just after votes, they want to White erase us from existence.

( @Maria_Garcia_US )
@TrueBonnieBlue @DrPaulGosar Leftists want to outnumber conservative Americans of all races with illegal aliens that they believe will vote blue.
If the Leftists believed that the illegal aliens would eventually vote conservative, they would work to keep said aliens out of the US. Why do you think the Democrats work to send back Cubans and Venezuelans back but not Mexicans, Haitians, etc?

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@Maria_Garcia_US @DrPaulGosar D + R = antiwhite uniparty. You are invested in the grift because you aren't White. Ypu are deflecting from what I said about White erasure.

( @Maria_Garcia_US )
@TrueBonnieBlue @DrPaulGosar LOL. To look at me you'd call me white. Nor am I invested in any grift. Politicians who want to replace American citizens with foreigners are wrong, and they should be voted out of office. As for 'white erasure', I have no opinion either way as I have seen no one specifically say that they want to replace white Americans with others. Now, their actions could be construed that way because most of illegal aliens aren't white. BUT, hispanic / latino is an ethnicity of Caucasian, unless they have black, asian ancestors instead of white ancestors. And most illegal aliens are hispanic / latino.

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@Maria_Garcia_US @DrPaulGosar The majority of "Hispanics" are not White and you know it. If you deny White erasure, you are an antiwhite and therefore a despicable person.



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