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TRUMP LANDSLIDE WIN? The trouble with this idea is Juan and others are also saying there will be no election… with red flags like the above prediction the White hats have a choice whether to wait for the election or not… My understanding is they can’t wait because an international nuclear standoff where Trump COMES FORWARD AS CIC is highly likely…that standoff will happen before the election. So unless the white hats CHANGE THEIR PLAN… this info about a landslide won’t happen. IN A LANDSLIDE election for Trump there will likely be NO EBS or educating the public on COG OR WHAT THE TRUMP WHITE HATS HAVE BEEN DOING BEHIND THE SCENES… they will white wash the past and the secrets will go down into oblivion which will be a tragedy…
KEEP THIS IN MIND: THE NWO / KLAUS SCHWAB NAZIS ARE AIMING AT A BREAKUP OF THE U.S. IN ORDER TO TAKE DOWN THE COUNTRY AND FRAGMENTATION AROUND THE WORLD … so they can make ORDER out of chaos. So from their POV they likely won’t stand in the way of a TRUMP WIN to further divide the country… in a sense this has already happened…. think of this as a top of the fulcrum moment. If TRUMP WINS in public (he is already to those in the know…CIC and President of the Republic)…. He will have the power and leverage to tip the scales so that U.S. UNDER TRUMP rules what will become a positive NWO… this is the plan. THE OVERALL PLAN IS UNITY OF THE PLANET to negotiate as ONE BODY with the various OFF PLANET RACES… Right now those various races are vying for control of FACTIONS OF GOVERNMENTS WORLDWIDE… keeping our planet in a state of internal struggle and war. Eventually if Trump wins the world will unite via A COALITION OF LEADERS to kick out the negatively dominating ETS and take back our planet. What the forces of darkness want is total control and annihilation of certain bloodlines …a negatively based NWO. What the white hats and TRUMP want is a unified planet under a positive coalition of leaders…



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