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“Jews own the media” is a statement of fact.
It is not a value judgement.
It is not saying it is a bad or good thing.
It is merely a statement of fact.

If you think it is incorrect you can disagree and correct it. But that isn’t what jews and their defenders do. They don’t correct the statement because they can’t. Jews own the media

( @Dey )
@Apolitical . ..for the most part, jew's owning the media in American is a fact.
And being a fact that it constantly pumps out filth, perversion and lies, that makes it a bad thing - and that's a fact!

( @temulentpolyglot )
@Apolitical Our language has been so completely subverted that it takes a whiteboard and a dictionary to even begin a conversation about true nationalism with the uninitiated. Without a visual aid the topic is constantly constipated by wordthink and quibbling to the point where obvious facts are buried beneath pseudo-morality.

( @Servant_of_Christ )
@temulentpolyglot @Apolitical somebody should run as a national socialist. I'd vite for them if I were american.

( @WhiskeyBeer )
@temulentpolyglot @Apolitical I usually just say the forefathers had more in common with Adolf Hitler than current Republicans and would consider reps Liberal and treasonous. They still cant see how far they are from “patriots” but larpers.

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( @Seanlayne )
@Apolitical correct. The fact that just pointing it out as fact, regardless of you saying it’s good or bad, should be a red flag that they don’t want us to know or talk about it, so a healthy level of discernment should show they’re hiding it, therefore it must be bad.



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