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Featured on Jul 12, 2022 at 6:15 PM: Tim Pool has been mentioned by the January 6ᵗʰ Tribunal for crimes against Democracy, beanies, and West Virginia.

Again somehow Tim managed to fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like roses. Because the pile of shit is stupider than Tim and moved out of the way. Tim does a LOT of stupid shit, this thread is testament to that, but nothing he did is warranting a subpoena by the committee or the FBI because he didn't fucking do anything? It's gotten to the point where those whackjobs are trying to arrest people for talking about Jan 6th...before it turned slightly violent?

We're reaching levels of future crime I didn't think possible.

God I hope they try and subpoena the whole Timcast group for this show trial.
Could you imagine Luke, Seamus and Ian on capitol hill? The first would be screaming about globalist paedophiles, the second would be demanding they make abortion illegal nationwide and the third would be asking if Liz Cheney had ever heard about graphene.
Please do it, make this bullshit even more ridiculous.

(Shaka Brah)
This is so stupid it almost feels like a psyop to make people think Tim isn't just a fence-sitting grifter. The modern media is so ideologically poisoned they think that Soygon and Pim Tool are the leaders of the new Reich.

God, shit like this makes me wish Jan 6th really was as violent as the lying tyrants claim. The Tree of Liberty is parched.

Fuck this show trail is annoying beyond belief. Tim Pool? Really? That's their example of a dangerous individual threatening (((O U R D E M O C R A C Y))) is the guy that fence sits so hard his body is nearly split in half? Salty Cracker is an example too somehow. It really is just a bunch of leftoids being upset at barley relevant YouTubers for making fun of them. How pathetic do you got to be? Seriously, Salty Cracker might as well be referred to as "Some Fucking Guy."

I bet that YouTube is "going to take action" and kick everyone that was mentioned in the Jan. 6 hearing. It's a good excuse for them to remove political dissenters.



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