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Related to the topic at hand, the way MTFs are treated in gay male spaces online is probably completely different from how they would be treated IRL.

On occasion, I will see someone white knighting for troons by criticizing that gay men call vaginas gross because it hurts troon feelings and "not all gay men have penises." Of course, since this is on the internet, there is no way to know if the person saying this is actually a gay man. They probably are not. It is ironic troons want gay men to stop bonding over disliking vaginas, since that is kind of one of the few things all gay men have in common.

Another thing I have seen, primarily on Reddit, is an NSFW picture or video of a FTM in a subreddit that dedicated to gay men. These posts often get a decent amount of upvotes. Think of it like when a troon posts a shitty nail job on a nail art subreddit; they get showered in praise. I see three reasons for someone upvoting it: 1. societal pressure to conform to wokeness and pretend that the woman is a man; 2. the people upvoting are not gay at all, but are bisexual men or straight women; or 3. the person upvoting is a troon. It is an incredibly jarring experience to be a gay man scrolling through one of these subreddits and suddenly being confronted with pictures of someone with a hairy chest, beard, and labia, or worse, a testosterone-engorged clitoris.


Woke societal pressure may make some gay men feel obligated to at least make these women feel welcome in gay male spaces, but they would never consider dating one of them.

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Get ready for some serious power levelling here; I was friends with a kid whose dad knew Terry Pratchett and, having loved his books, I used to ask for stories on him.

From what I've heard Terry would not have gone woke; the man had a very real world understanding of differences between men and women. Fuck it, you can see it in his work, there aren't many male writers that can flesh out a believable female character, but this one bloody well could.

Fucking wokies don't know shit. And Neil is just hanging on to any thread of relevance he can, pathetic old crow. Thank god the poor man died and missed this peak clownery.

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Troon Ross/Sophie Campbell and Becky Cloonan have put out some okay/decent artwork. As a colorist, troon lunatic Tamara Bonvillain and Alex De Campo are decent.

Gail hasn't written anything genuinely good. At most she has mediocre Birds of Prey/Secret Six that are over praised and barely passable.

What is so galling is that none of these 'women' are notably good at what they do. They have contemporaries, some of them women but most men, who are far better than them at art, writing, color et al. These people would have produced better work.

Gail is the prototype whisperer. She got her job by pulling the Al Sharpton shake down. Step 1, accuse a business of being bad. Step 2, let it be known you can help them with their image problem. (A problem you created). Step 3, make money off of a corporation for doing nothing but cleaning up the mess you made.

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Previously so-called, independent thinkers kneeled before the troons, including Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, & Neil Gaiman. The little trolls whose careers she made, ran out to attend specially set up pressers, so they could burn the witch.

I can take or leave Harry Potter too, but can’t help admire JKR for not turning into some giant hypocrite or milque-toast cunt who goes along to get along. It’s particularly humorous when considering Gaiman, as he has historically peacocked what a Champion of Free Speech he is: http://archive.md/Plu1X

The TL;dR of the Gaiman blog is that he’ll stand up for porny comics, but JKR saying biology is real, is Too far.

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Oh they do think you can change. All you have to do is bend the knee and completely suck up to them and their ideology. Just look at the numerous “ex alt-right/ex Anti-SJW” stories that have cropped up in recent years and the amount of praise they get and how they’re accepted almost entirely without any question to authenticity. Basically, if you suck their dick hard enough, they’ll suck yours even harder.

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Not an expert on this, but infants show "racial" bias to the race of their parents, not their own race. Studies with adopted infants of different races from the parents have shown this. This is thought to be a visual familiarity effect babies associate between caregivers and those who look similar to caregivers, which makes sense as others that are close to the infant are likely to be extended family of similar ethnicity.

Even so, this doesn't prove babies are inherently racist, only that they associate visual information from those around them to possibly categorize who is family and who is not. It should also be noted that reasoning for familiarity vs novely effects in infants is a bit murky, and as far as I know researchers have a hard time determining why some studies return familiarity effects and why some show novelty effects (where infants are more interested in something new)

He then makes this grand leap to saying this is related to cops shooting different races at different rates. Again, not an expert, but doesn't the data show that white cops are less likely to shoot at black perpetrators than black cops are to shoot at black perps? He's taking an idea that isn't even correct, linking it with another idea that isn't correct, and then saying "this is the only reasonable explanation" and that it's all CRT

This was longer than I wanted to write out, but I wanted to make it clear how wrong @ryu289 is here once again.

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Was reading Grant Morrison's Wikipedia page and noticed the extensive use of "they" and got a bad feeling about it. And what do I find?

No....not you Grant. You just look like a foolish old man now. Just be a dude. You already had talent - you don't need shitty stupid labels to write.

Grant the hell are you doing.

Keeping himself safe from cancellation...

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If you're at the point where NPR of all things is "white supremacy" just finally come out and say that white people existing while not sucking you off 24/7, which America already does, pisses you off.

What's that 4chan greentext? Something about how America is being retooled to be a life support system for big fat stupid as fuck entitled black female retards?

Billions of dollars in medical care, our entire Agricultural industry, our Welfare system, our Entertainment industry, and our Educational system, all being twisted and torn apart and rebuilt just to keep big fat fucking Shaniquas full of fried chicken, grape soda, and delusions of grandeur. And after this lifestyle of eating, fucking, and bitching about how oppressed they are on twitter, all on the tax payer's dime, drives them literally to their backs in a hospital bed, our entire economy has to revolve around keeping them alive just a little bit longer so they can eat more, fuck more, and be stupid at people more until they eventually give up the ghost and bless the world with them finally fucking dying. And then their retarded fucking dozen or two dozen hellspawn will run around either fucking other Shaniqua spawn and running off to die in a drug and violence fueld orgy if they're men, or jump on the fried chicken-to-hospital pipeline if they're female, both of them screaming that they're oppressed royalty and deserve higher quality bedpans and fried chicken recipes.

That's how American society ends; with guilty white people running around desperately trying to keep a conveyor belt running so the last 500 pound fat black bitch can keep stuffing her face all while she bitches about how oppressed she is, fried chicken bits and spittle slapping some poor nurse in the face as she screeches at them, the poor deluded and indoctrinated medical professionals experiencing a momentary bout of religious ecstasy at being useful for one of da kweenz.

Games Workshop couldn't devise a more grimdark future.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


They've only doubled down since then. This was my introduction to Evil Hat, and I gotta say I wasn't impressed.

Evil Hat is pure cancer, one of the scummiest companies around who will gleefully take up the content of an author and simultaneous shit all over them while making money off their name. They want to have it both ways and the community told them to go fuck themselves with an axe handle.

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WORST ATTACKS IN US HISTORY (according to some fucking people):
The Japanese bombing an American military base in a strategic move that wound up backfiring
A bunch of Islamic terrorists driving planes into several national landmarks because the US didn't let them get away with whatever they wanted
A bunch of right-wing randos broke into Capitol Hill, took pictures and grabbed a couple of things

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"you need to rebut her premises, not dismiss her because of perceived bias. The woman is a PhD biologist. What are your qualifications other than your obvious transphobia and allegiance to dubious pseudoscience?"

You can't cite a clearly biased article as fact. I would think that everyone learns that shit in high school.

The entire premise of Serano's argument (if taken at face value) is that that the AGP theory is false because trans people, their doctors, and their academic allies all say so. However, this is by no means a compelling argument against the existence of AGP and it's role in transgenderism. All of these people are biased in favor of the transgender side of the argument, and thus will always say what they said. This renders the argument invalid.

In a discussion like this, people don't need credentials as they are voicing their opinions. Opinions aren't meant to be taken as fact, yet they can be criticized based on how logical they are. I was criticizing your argument by noting that the "reliable source" you cited wasn't reliable at all. It is also important to note that experts can get things wrong. Just because Serano had a PhD doesn't mean that what he said was true.

TL;DR: Check your sources for bias next time

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In case some people are still ambivalent about how fucked up FSTDT truly is, here's a quote from shy, ex-FSTDT admin:

As long as nobody is actually having sex or masturbating in public during this, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Where the hell did you come from? Victorian England?? Nudity exists, and children will see it. Children also know sexuality exists, no matter how hard you try to shelter them. Get over it.

Always bring this up if a conversation about FSTDT because this is really all anyone needs to know about this site. Their former admin is a proven degenerate and nobody challenged him on it. They're in no position to judge fundie Christians with any credibility.

Source: https://fstdt.com/ZSZ5

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Not everything that's racist is a major social problem. The belief that it is and subsequent overcompensation to "combat" it has caused far more harm to society than the minor, incidental racism. On top of stifling everyone's ability to actually talk frankly and honestly about race and creating a whole lot of resentment, its enabled a generation of narcissistic grifters, many of whom are straight up sociopaths.

And that's not getting into how the current "antiracism" craze is openly racist against white people, often in more extreme ways than all but the most fringe cases of the racism they claim to be combating.

In short, the song was right, and if anything is more timely than ever.

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Came across this study about transgender breast implants that is unintentionally & hilariously transphobic.

Figure that shows the most common trans body type seeking breast augmentation vs the most common cis body.


Trans patients were:
-Older 40 vs 34
-Had higher body mass index 27.46 vs 22.88
-Higher prevalence of psychological comorbidities 50% vs 12%
- All most all of the trans surgeries were paid through Medicare vs the cis women were mostly through private insurance

If you read older papers, back in the 50s and why transition surgery was done, they were more honest, on the practitioner side, about these procedures were not to change sex, but rather to 'cure' sexual deviants and gays by castrating them, hidden under a nice white lie.

Now seeing that a lot of trooning out is supported by non-profits and government welfare, I can't say that it's always medical industry looking to make big bucks from lifelong patients... Now I wonder if this is some PsyOp to sterilise the current day undesirables (autists, incels, mentally ill and lonely people) by manipulating them into thinking they want it themselves.

And it's likely having been like this for a while, because as harder it was to to troon out back then subculture weirdos (usually mentally ill and distressed enough) back in the 90s seemed to be given the pass to troon out in droves too...

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Resident terf here: I've been thinking about why exactly radical feminism doesn't fit with the left or right for a while now. Not to sound super SJW, but I think it's because modern day American politics were built by and for men. Men in the 1700s honestly didn't expect women to be a voter bloc. Even when women were granted the right to vote in the 1920s and slowly started to integrate themselves into politics over the years, most politicians are men on the left and right, so arguably they primarily represent left men and right men respectively. Political alignment doesn't protect men from being misogynistic, and radical feminism has a problem with misogyny, so naturally they don't really fit on the typical political spectrum as the common ground for radical feminism is eradicating the root of misogyny, a ideology that can be held by liberal and conservative women.


I have been telling this in the past, and I'll repeat: terfs are just broken clock showing right time. It's YOUR deranged ideology that was built on manhate, hating masculinity, suppressing natural male sexuality, feminizing boys, and creating a message of men bad girls good that cauzed shit you've gotten into. Trannies are product of feminism and progressivism. Go and suck girl dick, you've earned it. The only real reason terfs are terfs is because of man hate. They hate mtf because they were men, they hate ftm because they ditched sisterhood. Terfs don't belong anywhere, because you're bunch of mongloid retards who can't take accountability for the product of your ideology.

In a fight of terfs vs tranies I would like to see them both cemented in a ditch.

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So I found this recent entry to RW’s Alt-Right Glossary;
View attachment 2657924
Is this true? Was #GoBaldForBLM a 4Chan prank? Or are they just scapegoating 4Chan to cover their asses? Cos they also claim on their “Social Justice Warriors” article that “most SJW nonsense is actually 4Chan’s doing” which is definitely not true.

Average rational wiki sperg
"No social justice cringe is something that 4chan does. Yes if you don't put pronouns in your bio or put BLM in your bio then yes you are racist. Sorry those are the rules now don't be a right wing bigot!!! Now anyways stop being a conspiracy and get fucking vaxxed yes those fat people are healthier than you because you're a supreme spreader now shoo!"
Picture of Le typical rational wiki user.


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if gender and sex were synonymous, there would be no males described as girly and no females described as manish. Everything a male did would be masculine, and everything a female did would be feminine.

fuck off autist no one gives a shit about what you have to say nigger, there is only male and female, a female that acts like a man is a tomboy, and a man that acts like a female is a faggot. its as simple as that

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I continue to be amazed at how many trannies/tranny enablers on shitter think we're taking away his trans identity because he did something bad. It's not that the act of raping his mother made his preferred gender invalid, it's the fact that you can't change your gender, PERIOD, and you should kill yourself if you think otherwise.

Plus all this sperging assumes that we respected his female pronouns before the rape anyways. We never did. He could stop the Israel-Palestine conflict and bring peace to the middle east and we'd still call him a man, before and after. You can't change your gender, imbeciles. Fuck you if you use 'they/them' too.

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I was indifferent to the trans community, but now, after seeing them trying to make a horrendous situation where a son rapes his 80-yr old dementia-riddled mother into a parade of “don’t misgender trans ppl” has made me anti-trans. I’ve lost so much respect for the trans community now. Fuck them and I’ll actively be voting against trans rights from now on. They’re all a buncha narcissistic morons

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This isnt fucking rocket science guys. Troons have been around forever they were just called EUNUCHS. The point of Eunuchs has always been to give chomos twinkier little boys to fuck. Thats it.

"true" transexuals are just people who got raped so hard as a prepubescent child it gave them gender dysphoria, which up until troonery started getting pushed top down by big money degenerates like Soros was always recognized as a side effect of surviving a childhood sexual assault.

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Re: "Why are they so transphobic?"

Because we "deny the science entirely"? Ah yes, because taking estrogen pills and getting your dick cut off is exactly what nature intended all along!

And if anyone lurking here is reading this: No, I'm not into getting troons to 41% themselves. Transsexuality is not much different than, say, anorexia. Both involve the afflicted getting horribly depressed, having poor self-image about one-self, and seeking radical physical changes in hopes that it will "cure" said depression. Spoiler warning, it never does. Causing permanent self-harm to your body only drives one further into depression, leading to the aforementioned statistic. The only thing that will help them live long, happy lives is getting treatment for their mental illness.

If we treated anorexia like we do transsexuality, your friends would be starving themselves to get skinnier, even as they were bone-thin, because they believed themselves to be fat, while the media would be promoting anorexia as a perfectly normal and healthy lifestyle, and anyone suggesting anorexics get help for their problem would be thrown in jail for "hatespeech." That's insanity. Yet that's the reality for how transsexuality is revered by Social Justice.

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@Senior Lexmechanic

Some of these centers were run like prison camps and had conditions that legitimately violated human rights TMK; shit like starving autists who refused to "act normally" or forcing them to sleep on concrete floors. Also, I think it had ties to the Scientologists, which would explain all the above. If I'm wrong and I'm thinking about a different scandal, please correct me.

I see a lot of on verified reports on that from blog sites, nothing else. All written by autists. Currently, it just reads like biased trash.
@Lord of the Large Pants

Autism Speaks had previously caught shit for being anti-vax, though they've since reversed their position and distanced themselves from that crowd. But I think in this case it's because some autism advocacy organizations are in favor of "cure" for autism, whatever that might mean in practice. Some 'tists get pretty uppity about it, in the same way that certain segment of deaf people do about cures for deafness.

I'm all for putting black triangles on their shirts and rounding them up. Also round up arbeitsscheu to go with them.
@Senior Lexmechanic

I hope we get sent to the same camp so I can laugh at you for thinking NTs post on the Farms.

I'm German, I'm also not retarded. Please do the world a favour and walk into on coming traffic. People like you are the reason why eugenics should be a thing. The world wouldn't have to worry about more autists being born and they wouldn't have to waste money on them.

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Daily reminder - George Floyd was a violent felon (5 years for home invasion and robbery) who overdosed on fentanyl and methamphetamine while being arrested. This is the nigger that the left has chosen to lionize this week in their ever growing need to suck every colored cock they come across.

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image(holly: “I have not spoken out sooner because on May 9th, I checked myself into a hospital because I was having self-harming thoughts. I’m not ashamed of this at all, it was the right thing to do and I was safe there. It’s okay to ask for mental health help when you need it.)

As soon as someone plays the "mental health" card, I tune out.

It's exclusively used by awful people to excuse their shitty behavior without having to take responsibility or apologize for their actions.

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In all my time online I've noticed something seriously wrong and it seems that all tranners (hip new slang from /tttt/) seem to have been molested as children, and according to a small racist bodybuilding forum most seem to have had narcissistic mothers. I don't know if homosexual recruitment is real or not, but I do know that the "elites" seem to want children to troon out at earlier and earlier ages. Whether this means pizzagate is real and (((they))) are putting chemicals in the water to make the children gay I don't know, but I do know that humans have freewill and we can very easily use our freewill to not creep on little kids.

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It's not a good thing, we don't want these shitskins integrating
I have more respect for fundamentalists who stay in their own lands and maintain authoritarian rule than these gutless traitors and it doesn't matter what they believe, they need to get the fuck out of the white man's lands

Rancid Flid #conspiracy kiwifarms.net

(On a 1992 episode of the Montel Williams Show about the Holocaust)

I've watched the vid now & it was an interesting discussion & I hope this doesn't sound pretentious but I didn't hear anything from Weber & Cole that I've not heard before. Probably because I dip into the IHR site from time to time & have read a fair bit of Weber's writing. They were honest & open about their beliefs & don't deserve to be labelled as deniers.

Apart from Cole, i didn't think any of the Jews came across very well, particularly the loathsome Dr. Thaler, who by name-calling & refusing to engage in debate, came across as very untrustworthy & unconvincing. And that awful woman : "I'm proof of muh holocaust," lol. You're still alive aren't you ? Or you were back in '92. In fact, it's surprising how many people actually survived The Holocaust.

Shout out to the black guy for bringing up the Jewish involvement in the slave trade, a business they've been involved with for centuries.

The 3 points that Cole mentioned:
1 - There was no policy to exterminate Jews. I'm not sure but they shipped a fair few out to what is now Israel back in the 30's, instead of killing them.

2- The gas chambers. There is no hard proof of any gas chambers, just eyewitness testimony, which is notoriously unreliable. I'd like to ask about the finger nail marks in the walls at Auschwitz, in the rebuilt "gas chamber". Why are the marks so even when our thumbs are so much shorter than our fingers ? An obvious fake. Then there's the wooden doors...

3- The 6 million. @Lemmingwise, have you seen any of the old pre-war newspaper headlines that mention the exact same number, over & over again ? There seem to be quite a few. Do you think these are real or fake ? They look real to me but I'm not 100% sure. I've a feeling this particular number has some significance to them.

".... a monopoly on mass murder." There's no business like Shoah business.

Then there are all the hoaxers who've been caught out pretending they were there but have been shown to be liars. There was Joseph Hirt, who fairly recently got exposed as a fraud & he'd been touring US schools for many years, frightening young children with horrific photos of all the Typhus victims, including large, blown up photos that he told them were actually him. He claimed he lied to keep the memory of holocaust alive but how can we forget it when it's shoved down our throats so much ? It's not like there's a shortage of holo-memorials & museums is there ? What a wanker. Oy.

If the Nazi's really wanted to kill all Jews, then surely they'd have found a more efficient way than shipping them all over Europe in trains ? And why should the Dutch national railway have to start paying reparations for their involvement in this ? It's not like they had a choice & it was a long time ago.

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As previously stated LGBT people already seem to genocide themselves.
They increase their own risk of death in a multitude of categories and can't reproduce.

So how have they not already gone extinct?

Because, as with the theories on evolution of homosexuality, it's some complex genealogy that causes it. I mean if you want I could summarise them for those that don't know them. But, essentially you can't get rid of them, and we've been trying for at least a thousand years to no success.

Sociological theory (I know I know just listen) would support early intervention and support for fags which would essentially turn them from faggots into normal people that have different sex lives.

Unfortunately for the planet, the most expensive, time consuming resource dependent and pussy ass methods are almost always the correct ones.

LofaSofa #homophobia #psycho kiwifarms.net

Would it be OK to commit genocide on the gays?

They really haven't ever done anything to contribute to society and most of them end up being outed as degenerates and pedophiles so I don't think it would matter if they died.

Wouldn't it just be more beneficial to get rid of them all together?

OnMoTi #racist kiwifarms.net

[about the protests over George FLoyd ]

A violent felon junky dies after resisting arrest, and people are still pretending like he was a saint who dindu nuffin that was hunted down and lynched because he has shit colored skin. I'm done with this society. Let it all fucking burn for all I care.

NP 901 #transphobia kiwifarms.net

That being said I'm sure there are tranners who are actually TRUE and HONEST wamman and not pushed on by whatever the trickle down media whores think is the flavor of the week mental illness (desmondisamazing one week, ADHD another, the TRENCHCOAT MAFIA still another) I mean, statistically speaking that's gotta be possible, right? Right?

Well that was quite the ride but I’ll address your last part.

If he’s MTF and into cock, he’s just a pathetic homophobic homo or a homo who is into straight men.

If he’s MTF and into pussy, he’s a fetishist. Most of these try to pretend they belong to the former group. But they are on average more sexually deviant and exhibit other paraphilias such as pedophilia, autopedophelia(sic), period fetish, etc.

Psychologists Dr Ray Blanchard and Anne Lawrence (a troon btw) write about troons a lot and that’s basically the distilled version - gay trannies and “””lesbian””” troons (heterosexual men) are two very distinct subsets of transsexuality.

Fish-Eyed Fool #psycho #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Yeah I don't get why people are so broke up about Etika's death. What because he was YouTuber? People fucking kill themselves all the time. I dunno, maybe I just wasn't following the guy. Personally, I think Chloe Sagal setting himself on fire in the name of mental health and having his message completely ignored, in favor of making it about bullying, was more tragic.

RetardedCat #homophobia #racist #psycho kiwifarms.net


I understand why Pride came about in the first place. It was after Stonewall, but at that time, the LGBT were only looking to be seen as everyone else.

No, they're looking to be seen as fucking more special than everyone else.
Faggot month is retarded just like nigger history month and dishes washer history month. It's absolutely stupid and useless and anyone who believes this shit serves any purpose other than communist propaganda should just get publicly executed, preferably via hanging.

Need to add that if you want to bring awareness to the fact that sandniggers are still throwing faggots off rooftops, then you go over there and protest their stupid culture in their country, I don't give two shits what the goat fuckers are doing in their sand hellholes, that's their problem not mine. I don't need a fucking stupid bunch of crossdressers in my fucking streets to tell me that some idiot over in fuckistan got stoned to death.

Lissamine Green #homophobia #transphobia kiwifarms.net

I can't stop laughing at the homos who want to rewrite history now and claim that the homophile movement was all flowers and sunshine and wholesome romance before corporations/furries/straights with fetishes/troons showed up and wrecked everything. The gay lib movement literally started with a pederast pervert (google Harry Hay), bathhouses for anonymous sex, and military gays perving out and creating the BDSM scene during the war. There is no secret, non-pervy history of homosexuality. It's perverts all the way down. Name any sick fetish you can think of, and gay men probably not only are the main practitioners, but the inventors of it.

Poiseon #racist #homophobia #ableist kiwifarms.net

There is only free speech. Laws like this, made by oversensitive maladjusted twats who should neck themselves instead of wasting so much time and money, do not protect anyone from anything. Banning the word nigger won't stop the hundreds of black on black murders in Chicago every year. They are only a way to punish people that thin-skinned re-tards don't like. They never left the playground.

Minorities are not protected by 'hate speech laws'. An erosion of the civil rights of the populace because an angsty faggot just can't handle being called names is the height of mental re-tardation.