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The other takeaway that I hope you get is that there are a lot more of us than there are of the Troons.

The left has to use a MASSIVE amount of technology and power to make sure that NO ONE dares even question the Troons publicly in any capacity that they control.

That doesn't make people support the trannies. It just makes people be silent. This is intentional, it's them trying to force a consensus, force the overton window to change, because no one can ever disagree with the left's demands upon us.

The GamerGate sub on reddit flat out banned all discussion of trannies because of the pedo tranny admin constantly fucking with them trying to build up a case that they could take to the other admins and force them to let "xer" take them down. You should consider the topic banned for you on social media, too, because until the pendulum swings back, expressing that opinion is going to get you flagged as an enemy and targeted for destruction.

Meanwhile every single person, every single normal human being, that sees a tranny is instantly and openly repulsed by it. We have instincts, instincts that immediately fire off when we see something that looks like a human but isn't ... quite... right. It's the source of the Uncanny Valley effect, the reason Zombies and Skeletons are a primal fear, and the reason that outside of people with a fetish, no one wants to be in the same room as a tranny for more than 10 minutes. This is a perfectly normal reaction to an insane man in a dress trying to dress up as some sort of pornographic fever dream of what a female is supposed to be, and everyone, EVERYONE, has it.

But until the left loses their grapple hold over cultural and social power in the US -- which is coming, believe me -- then we have to deal with them using trannies as the excuse as to why the gay lobby doesn't have to fuck off and leave us alone now that they ostensibly got everything they wanted (except the ability to fuck kids, but for some reason we just keep pushing back against that).

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White middle class men in drag really seem to get upset when a black succesful man goes on a stage and makes people laugh

The only thing they hate more than black men are mild-mannered British authors of children's books, it seems.

Here's my theory! I'm sure others have had this same take, so I apologize for the autism or regurgitation of common knowledge: It's like what many have said about "male feminists." They use that identity to get them "in." Clout, points, whatever - "I'm the good guy; now I'm on your side!"

God, I'm drunk on my first weekend off in a while here so bear with me...How do I put this articulately? It's like, these white "CIS men" who have been told for most of their lives that "white CIS men are the evil ones" they, not surprisingly, want to reject that, right? So they troon out. Ok, good. So now that they trooned out they can be "women" now - and NOW they can freely hurt women if they so want (because they are "women" now, ya follow?). Check. They "get" to do that now. How great for these men to be able to freely hurt us. Love that for us.

So next! These still "white" but now "un-CIS" ladies(?)...Well now there is the "minority" thing in question. But waitaminute! These white men in dresses "rank lower" than any minority out there because...Well, because they say so! And because they have created the "victim rankings" they get to rank "lower" than whomever they want. And because they rank themselves on the lowest victim tier they now get the full privilege to hate on, attack and say whatever they'd like about whomever they like.

But long story short: Men (and it's often white men, but I'm not trying to sperg by saying that) want a reason to be able to go all out on women and minorities while still retaining their liberal, progressive status. This is just a given. So I'm never surprised when I see troons happily posting about wanting to kill/cancel a black person or a woman or a lesbian - they "get to" do that now, free from consequences! It's what they've always wanted, really. Just had to troon out to do it, and now it's a goddamned free-for-all.

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(One Quick Post)
It's fucking hilarious that porn is the one area you're still allowed to be trans-exclusive, even if you're a progressive. No matter how loudly PornHub yells "trans pride" they know it'd be a business catastrophe to forcefully mix in tranny porn with the straight porn. It's created this funny dynamic where trans women are real women except for in porn in which case they get their own special category away from the rest of the women, isn't it weird how this can't be done in sports, changing rooms, etc?

I'd love an explanation from one of these coombrained progressives to why PornHub should be allowed to segregate trannies but UFC has to let them beat the shit out of women. It's a glaring double standard but it's not going anywhere because even the most staunch trans ally doesn't want to jerk off to them.

People have pointed out the same thing about Reddit: lesbian and women-focused subs are obliged to let in trannies or they get the banhammer, but lesbian porn subs? Completely dick free, and no one goes after them.

Forcing male troons into sports, changing rooms, girl scout organizations, lesbian communities, female prisons, etc, only hurts women. But forcing them into porn might hurt men (in the sense that someone's dick might feel sad) so it isn't done. Such a progressive movement.

Once something affects men then it becomes an actual problem, basically. Ever see a 'progressive' guy with a history of only dating women, date a transwoman? Would one of the Chapo guys date Keffals?
Yeah, no. They're all twaw until, you know, they're really not actually. It's all a larp that let's 'good guys' express sexism for woke points. Like dunking on white women, which is now woke too.

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Modern wokeness was a disaster for gays. Once upon a time, you could just be gay. Gay was gay. Gay was nothing else. Gay was nothing more. You were either a dude who liked other dudes, or a girl who liked other girls. You could be yourself and be as gay as you wanted and that was that. As simple as could be.

Then came the "community" mafia. Suddenly gay being meant you were apart of some coalition with other non straights. Gay was now a community you HAD to be in. The gays had to get along with the lesbians, the lesbians had to deal with the gays, and everyone had to deal with the troons. It was the lgb"T" community after all. You dykes and fags HAVE to get alone with troons. Never mind the fact that transgender isn't even a sexuality so the whole thing makes no sense, STOP THINKING TOO MUCH BIGOT. What's that, you're a lesbian who obviously doesn't like cock because that's the whole point? Too bad, suck the girl cock anyway or else you're a bigot!

The problem with this is that gays don't really have anything in common with lesbians. They're never going to get along organically. And nobody has anything in common with troons, so that's a non fucking starter right from the get go. When the T got associated with the L and the G, the T brought along with them all their baggage and woke nonsense. Being gay was now an aggressive political statement.

As a homo I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to find non woke partners nowadays. I just want a cute girl to cuddle and do cute things with, I don't want to read your fucking twitter or talk about how great abortion is or how much you like multiculturism or whatever. Finding a normal gay is next to impossible. It makes you realize why everyone used to hate us and why they're starting to hate us again.

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My TERF Sisters and Chud Brothers, do not despair for not only have the troons not actually won but their ultimate fate is unchanged. More and more anti-Troon Laws are being passed, a sitting congresswoman has gone on the largest news show in the country to advocate for making trooning out kids a federal offense, Richard Levine is a commonly mocked figure by normiecons. Remember when South Carolina cucked out of the bathroom bill? Those days are long gone and at the rate Christian Nationalism is gaining steam I would not be surprised if cutting off adult troons from their horse piss was a mainstream Republican position by 2030.

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How are lesbians and gay men harmed by abortion bans? If only words still had meanings!

Ok, super late but here ya go: As a big ol' 'mo who works a high paying job that actually contributes to society, I already pay a shitton of taxes to support welfare babies. I have absofuckinglutely no interest in paying for all the "christian" rape babies an abortion ban is going to result in on top of it.

Anybody who wants to ban abortions should be made to pay for supporting all the resulting little drains on society it produces themselves.

Personally, I want to see more abortions, not less. Make that shit mandatory for people below a defined income level. Shit, make it mandatory for people below a defined IQ level while you're at it.

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Why are troons always the masculine ones - I think I might have solved this mystery

Every tranny lolcow ever has an anvil jaw, 5'oclock shadow and look like a caveman with a wig. Not only do they never pass, but they are always the most masculine ones that decide to troon out. But why?

I was listening to MATI, and Jewrsh was talking about the autist-to-troon pipeline. Most trannies are autistic, this isn't news either. So autism, masculinity and trannies, how do they all connect.

I present to you: The extreme male brain theory:

The extreme male brain, explained

TL;DR Autists are exposed to abnormal amount of testosterone in utero and this affects the brain.

Well, actually it affects the appearance as well:

They created two sets of composite images made up of the facial appearance of individuals scoring high and low for symptoms of ASD. When these images were rated they found males with more symptoms of ASD to be rated as more masculine in appearance.

This finding not only lends support to Baron-Cohen’s theory but also connects physical traits and behaviour through hormonal effects.

Masculine Features Support ‘Extreme Male Brain’ Theory Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Puzzle solved or am I being autistic.

for every tranny that passes


theres a dozen more that are built like linebackers with jawlines that could cut glass


Sick of seeing Chad trannies with a nicer jawline than me.

Many such cases! am lowkey jealous

When TiMs are confronted or misgendered, they get angry and resort to violence, while TiFs hide and start crying. They can cut off their tits and dick but they can't dig out the socialization (or autism).

Now find a link between autism and transitioning

Autist becomes incel becomes tranny. It's such a common thing Incel wiki has an article on it.


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The fuck is inappropriate with the word Wendigo? Fuck this. If they're gonna side step all the native stuff for muh colonialism white guilt and stuff fuck this edition. It's already doomed. I also imagine they're gonna try and put less emphasis on how based werewolves are. Because gaaaaayssss. Ten thousand dollars they're gonna start including tranny Furies and gifts to change gender that are permanent and not just man skin. They allow metis males but never in a thousand years would they allow a true male especially considering their decades of culling male true.

But this complaining about BF isn't new. This classic sperging from 2016 shows its already begun and poor troons were crying about an all female tribe for ages...Which is hilarious to me. Since again, a female only thing is cried about by woke left men who call themselves feminist for not accepting men who think they have dominion over the space of women just because they say so. The irony of it is just...astounding. I don't even like Furies all that much as a tribe but they at least have a hard line stance that flavours them and they are uniquely female in the very least.

Onyx Path discord is full of trannies though. So that tells you something. W5 is probably going to be bad honestly. I was semi interested but this development of censoring a word for being 'bad' is red flag one.

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(Nuns with guns)

most people who who identify as Non-Binary etc are mostly women who want to be seen as unique like the college women from 20 years ago who identified as bisexual because it was the cool thing.

There's still many women today that say they're bisexual because it's socially acceptable for women to compliment on other women's looks, despite the fact that they would never fuck a woman. But yes, non binary is the new “not like other girls” trend and it's super annoying. They're so low-effort,too.

(1440p Curved Monitor)
You're assuming that the troon that he's looking at is black. Its known that people think that those of a different race look alike, so I wouldn't be surprised if that extends to that the men and women of a different race can look similar especially since we know that Asians can clock other Asian troons while most Westerners have trouble telling the difference.

It is ingrained in black women's culture to put a lot of effort into appearance. I have personally never seen it to this amount with white women (exception is rich white women).

The black women that black men want are incredibly fabricated. Black men also typically don't want a black woman who's more natural (they want the baddies), therefore this behavior is encouraged in black communities. It's a running joke between a few friends and I that we can only catch white boys with our natural hair/looks because we know that black men are not attracted to it or want a girl that they can brag about to their peers. This means that the average tranny can fool a black man if he puts effort into looking like a baddie. There are more HSTS in the black community than AGPs anyways, so we already know that they will put effort into passing.

(Nuns with guns)
Negresses are known to look manlier than other races. You've seen the theories about Serena Williams and Michelle Obama being biological males. It also doesn't help that even your average black woman will go bald, has a flat nose, square shoulders, and huge hands.

Despite all of that, I've never seen any nigger tranny that actually fools me. If anything, they look like NBA players, which is too manly even for their women.

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There is a literal tranny god there though.

Yes, Slaanesh, and he/she/it seems to have been memed into reality in our world too since the LGBTQHIV+ resemble nothing less than a Slaanesh Cult, dont believe me, look at "Pride" parades.

Per Andy Ngo, the one screaming is a model for Coach

Our society fucked up when we stopped beating and ridiculing these faggots for going outside like that.
Once they started to feel safe to parade their fetishes it was obvious these histrionic attention seeking cunts would just get worse and worse.
They used to be afraid to be exposed as perverts, tolerance was a mistake, it turned to acceptance, then normalization, then promotion and indoctrination.
Now we have fucking freaks like this.
We need to bring back public ridiculing of these freaks.
If they want to be perverts they should keep it in private where sane people don't have to be subjected to deviants.

Apis mellifera #dunning-kruger #transphobia kiwifarms.net

they don't get told "You have underlying trauma you're not dealing with/Your logic is flawed and we need to deal with how you picture male and female/ You're an emotionally manipulating piece of shit" like they should

You've hit the nail on the head. This is my issue with the Trans Rights movement, and including it in with the LGBs at all.

Transsexuality/Transgenderism is treated as something innate to a person, rather than a very complex and troubling mental illness. I am living proof that even the most traditional case of "Gender Dysphoria" is not something you're born with, even if it can manifest in very early childhood, and every time I try to speak publicly on this matter I am told I wasn't "really trans", that "putting people on cross-sex hormones and cutting them up is totally a good idea, guys!"

When you affirm someone who is deeply unwell it does a couple of things:

1) If they are the insecure or self-absorbed sort, it encourages rabid defense of one's "identity" and further closes them off to future help.

2) It pushes vulnerable individuals down the path of hormones and surgery, because everyone is telling them they were just born broken, and they'll be stuck like this forever, unless they undergo dangerous and experimental body modifications, which don't even help in the long run.

You know why the 'true GD' trannies, the ones who aren't doing it for a fetish, feel a sense of "relief" when they start developing secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex? It's because they're tortured by all this baggage they attach to their sex, from unresolved trauma, and this "relief" is a method of dissociation. Which fades quick, for as long as a transgender-identifying individual possesses any evidence of their past and their natal sex- name, pronouns, breasts or lack thereof, skeletal structure, they'll be reminded of whatever trauma or conditioning caused this, and they'll eat themselves alive trying to cut it out.

Hormones and surgery can't cure this, and if people say it did for them, they are lying or still caught up in the temporary relief of cutting out some part of themselves that offends their ill psyche.

This treatment plan helps nobody. Obviously.

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Dylan James Mulvaney, a gay man interprets 'girlhood' in all glorious technicolor.

Dylan Mulvaney is an American musical theater performer who transitioned to save his career from the inevitable fate of an ageing twink at just 24.

The sheer comedic absurdity of Dylan's physical presence is never more apparent than when set against the great outdoors, so he takes ample opportunity to flap around shrubbery or scamper about rocky paths wearing ankle-breaker heels.

After graduating in 2019 Dylan was cast in The Book of Mormon national tour, but he found no more meaningful work when it ended with the pandemic in full swing. Which leads to Dylan staring down the barrel of 25 years old with the dead eyes you see on the right. He looks like that for a few months before changing pronouns on TikTok in September 2021 and blossoming into the manic transfeminine imp we see today.

He needs a good old fashioned slap in the face.

I think your take on why he trooned out is interesting.
He's a prime example of the twink ultra fag to troon pipeline.
Maybe he did troon out to get attention and revive his career.

(Myrtle the Turtle)
Agreed. Twinks have a short shelf life. 18-22 is the typical lifespan, possibly 25 if you have good genetics and a good plastic surgeon. After that you better bulk up, become a man or risk become an annoying fem gay. Methinks Dylan had some kind of breakdown during covid and went to the troon pipeline as a coping mechanism for getting older or something. Most zoomer girls don't go for the 1950s-60s housewife look so clearly his only idea of women is what he's looked at in magazines or movies from that era.

Wonder if he got sexually assaulted or something because he went from instagay to deranged fairly quickly.

(John Flynt's Axe Wound)
This fag has one of the most punchable faces on this site.

He disgusts me on a visceral level. I’m not sure which is worse: AGP coomers or screeching flamers like Dylan.

(Luigi Cadorna)
This man might legitimately be the most sexist person alive. Who the fuck thinks women act like this? I know most troons play their absurd stereotypes of women up to eleven but this fucker blows out the amplifier.

Criticallacitirc #biphobia #transphobia kiwifarms.net

The other side is the bisexual pride flag. I see so many bisexuals whine about biphobia, but they're mostly full of shit. Gender ideology essentially preaches bisexual supremacy because to them a person's sex isn't relevant in sexual attraction. This flag is basically saying trannies and bisexuals are the most oprressed in the community. Most bisexuals end up in heterosexual relationships and are seen as heterosexual, but they want to whine that they are some how more oppressed than gays & lesbians.

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Featured on Jul 12, 2022 at 6:15 PM: Tim Pool has been mentioned by the January 6ᵗʰ Tribunal for crimes against Democracy, beanies, and West Virginia.

Again somehow Tim managed to fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like roses. Because the pile of shit is stupider than Tim and moved out of the way. Tim does a LOT of stupid shit, this thread is testament to that, but nothing he did is warranting a subpoena by the committee or the FBI because he didn't fucking do anything? It's gotten to the point where those whackjobs are trying to arrest people for talking about Jan 6th...before it turned slightly violent?

We're reaching levels of future crime I didn't think possible.

God I hope they try and subpoena the whole Timcast group for this show trial.
Could you imagine Luke, Seamus and Ian on capitol hill? The first would be screaming about globalist paedophiles, the second would be demanding they make abortion illegal nationwide and the third would be asking if Liz Cheney had ever heard about graphene.
Please do it, make this bullshit even more ridiculous.

(Shaka Brah)
This is so stupid it almost feels like a psyop to make people think Tim isn't just a fence-sitting grifter. The modern media is so ideologically poisoned they think that Soygon and Pim Tool are the leaders of the new Reich.

God, shit like this makes me wish Jan 6th really was as violent as the lying tyrants claim. The Tree of Liberty is parched.

Fuck this show trail is annoying beyond belief. Tim Pool? Really? That's their example of a dangerous individual threatening (((O U R D E M O C R A C Y))) is the guy that fence sits so hard his body is nearly split in half? Salty Cracker is an example too somehow. It really is just a bunch of leftoids being upset at barley relevant YouTubers for making fun of them. How pathetic do you got to be? Seriously, Salty Cracker might as well be referred to as "Some Fucking Guy."

I bet that YouTube is "going to take action" and kick everyone that was mentioned in the Jan. 6 hearing. It's a good excuse for them to remove political dissenters.

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(The Magnificence)

There needs to be some "female socialization" etiquette guide for this population.

You can, at least to a degree, teach "Mean Girl;" "Shade," however, cannot be taught. And very, very few men innately know how to throw it. And most of those men are black and/or gay.

I don't think it's socialization. Women just speak in high context, men don't. These troons remind me of guys who say "I once met a woman at a party and she asked me back to her place to watch Indiana Jones and I said no because I hate Indiana Jones. Five years later I realize what she was actually saying."


T4T dating event on the HER app canceled “due to a lack of interest”


post was quickly deleted before more mask-off uncomfortable truths could be posted.

Wow Hetero men don't want to date other men. In other news, water is wet.

And yet, if a bio woman said she only wanted women not a man or a trans woman she would be banned so fast it would make your head spin. For fuck sake, they don't even see each other as women. When is society going to stop collectively pretending this is legit?

(Sexual Chocolate)
Sadly, we can only imagine what fuglies and swamp-ma'ams woulda shown up to that thing. In olden - and therefore based - times, a PT Barnum or a Jerry Springer would be on that like a dog in a bowl of stew


(Big Al's Famous Pork)
Transgender Woman interview-Taryn

This piece of absolute human garbage has fathered 10 kids! 10 drug addicted babies he has jizzed into the world!!! Every single one was taken by CPS.. holy shit. Give me all your top hats because this made me want to punch the internet.

(Pitbull Victim)
I have no idea what is more nightmarish: what you mentioned, his Crusader Kings-ass family tree where his grandpa trooned out and married his own son, or how his wife would suffer worsening brain damage with each pregnancy but he kept impregnanting her until she ended up a vegetable.

These people need to be spayed and neutred.

EverlyB #dunning-kruger #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

There needs to be some "female socialization" etiquette guide for this population. I'm sure a portion of the disconnect is straight-up from being cognitively more masculine (especially in AGPs who saw women as unattainable lust objects rather than peers until very recently), but the specifics of mature intrasexual communication within a culture are things that women took years to pick up on. The "out-of-proportion compliment = insult" lesson is one that can take some time for us to figure out.

For their sake, and especially women's, they ought to know...

The way you can get away with acting as a blatantly non-threatening gay man (campy, clownish, joking crudely) is going to look like mockery if you now do it claiming to be a woman. (Hi, Dylan Mulvaney.)

If you wouldn't have the balls to say something to a woman while you were passing as a straight man out of fear of looking like a creep, don't say it now. For all you know, you're still a man to her.

Go ahead and try on the youthful looks you find cute and show them off to your thirsty e-communities in the privacy of your own home, but if you want to be taken seriously as an adult woman out in the world, dress your age.

If you're going to be interacting with a woman on a long-term basis, as part of a workplace or social circle, her compliments to you are communicating less about you and more about her. She wants you to know she's not a threat, not a bigot.

Don't act like you can relate with women regarding ANYTHING bodily. They share the experience of female puberty in their youth and the effects of a female reproductive system to this day; you and other transfeminine individuals share the experience of living with a male reproductive system and seeing the effects of exogenous hormones in adulthood. Anything in common is only superficial. Women don't want to hear about your "second puberty" the way you tell other troons about it, and they don't want you eavesdropping on their private talk about their own bodies (which even so, are not trivial conversations any woman can share with any woman).

behindyourightnow #psycho #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

This isn't the first time I've seen FTMs afraid of being in male spaces - it's like deep down they realize they are women and men are men, and are still afraid of men, and can't help but express that, but if you press them for details, they'll never say exactly why they're afraid, because it would mean admitting they they're women.

Which is exactly why they make such great victims. Transmen are constantly being targeted by MtF predators who know that this type of victim will have a hard time admitting they're being abused in the exact same way male abusers always abuse their female partners, because if they admit that it might destroy the illusion that they're a genuine manly bro-dude.

I know this has been said a million times but I just cannot get over how goddamn female Aidens are. There are so many writers who don't have a particular male or female writing style (this varies across genres, obviously) and yet every paragraph written by every Aiden screams female so loud it might as well be written in sparkly pink gel pen on unicorn stationery.

Look at those two women in the AO3 comments examining their feelings together! And examining the feelings of story characters. And making sure to flatter the feelings of males who aren't even in the conversation by asserting to each other that of course they support transwomen in women's bathrooms. (Even though males are dangerous to women, which is why transmen are not safe in male bathrooms...)

How many times do you see transwomen studiously reminding each other mid-conversation that transmen have needs too and must not be excluded from consideration? Fucking lol.

DrainRedRain #crackpot #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

"abuse from KF" lol, what those morons are failing to grasp is that we only laugh at things they do on their own free will. Nobody is abusing nobody. We are only pointing to things they do in public.

As my grandma always said "if you don't want to be laughed at, don't be the fucking joke"

Various Kiwifarmers #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

(Xanax and Wine)

Looking for troon bullshit on Reddit is so difficult. Must have taken me a literal 10 seconds on search to find this example of a true honest to god man.


Ah yes the... very male urge to be pregnant and being worshipped and coddled by your strong protector. I bet the guys really struggle with that one once they hit their prime age for babymaking. Must be hard :(

Always funny when the biological reality of being a woman and experiencing baby rabies completely stomps on these gender delusions


I don't "look" female, but I'll always be MTF transgender. There is more than one way.


You mean the other way of still hating what you've done to yourself every single time you look in the mirror, all of it for a fetish?

NGL I hope some mad doctor starts offering uterus implants for trannies. The more of them tear themselves apart in pursuit of their coomdreams the better.

They're already claiming this is happening, the uterus transplants. Recently, there's an insane black troon claiming to have had one and birthed a kid. He was mentioned here a bit but just screams of absolute schizo.


So is the artist saying that trannies are just incels who transition so they can get laid or have female friendships? Not very wholesome


Nash Romi had to re edit a comic because it wasn't progressive enough and whitewashed a black baby in her own comic, lol

I do like the casual admission they're fucking perverts.

Ridiculous that they gave him female hips/pelvis in the last panel. Did he exchange skeletons at the shop too?
All transwomen are built like a fridge because you can't change your bone structure. It's like saying glasses change your eye colour if you want them to.

I swear all pro trans content is.. breathtakingly stupid. I won't give them the benefit of the doubt to cite delusion. Just idiocy. Fantastic they all vote.

Alter Ego #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Ἥλιος said:
Speaking of Kris, the hole shtick of using "they/them" pronouns on him is idiotic. His design is clearly masculine, but of course Toby Fox wanting to pander to/being part of the tumblrite community makes him "non-binary" or whatever.
Gru said:
That's exactly how it was done in Chapter 1, everybody just referred to Kris as, well, Kris, and it didn't throw me out of any of the scenes because the game wasn't trying to force anything down my throat.

But now Chapter 2 comes in and is trying to force the nonbinary they shit down my throat and it takes me out of all the scenes, like you said. Thankfully from what I know of Chapter 1 the lang.json files the game's script was in were just in a folder without having to check through the .exe's files itself. It's probably the same with Chapter 2 unless Toby did some bullshit there so it'll probably be easy for somebody to just mod the game with some text edits to go back to the Chapter 1 format of writing around Kris.
I detest the "non-binary" fad (maybe even more so than standard trannies) and have no doubt that Toby's in the woke cult that propagates it, but the impression I have is that Kris' is just an innocent repeat of Frisk's concept from 2015: a player-character made simplistically androgynous for both male and female players to project onto, meaning that you'll always be correct whether you say the character is a boy or a girl. While it's true that Kris does appear to be more masculine than Frisk, there's still enough ambiguity, especially next to Susie who we would've absolutely interpreted to be a boy if her name wasn't fuckin' Susie. So far, it seems to me that there's been just as much restraint in calling Kris singular "they" as there was for Frisk, although dialogue could've been written to avoid pronouns altogether.

On the other hand, I do realize that the major difference between the games' protagonists is that Kris is established immediately to be divorced from the player with a backstory and set name used repeatedly while the player is meant to believe in being Frisk.

On another note now that I've played Chapter 2 myself, I really wish Ralsei kept the hat. Same goes for Susie's hair to a lesser extent.

Maggots on a Train v2 #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

I know this probably isn't the right thread for this, but has anyone noticed the influx of MtF Youtubers as of late? Kuledud3, gomotion, Nyx and etc. Next thing you know, the Nostalgia Critic will announce that he's a trans woman and prefer to be called Dana Walker.

Every time a thumbnail with some young teenager-ish bimbo shows up in my recommendation, she's always in some kind of anti-terf or "trans women are women" shirt.

I don't know if all teenage girls are cowed into submission by trannycock these days, or if YouTube is just heavily promoting these idiots for some reason.

Pokemonquistador2 #wingnut #homophobia kiwifarms.net

They're not my least favorite Youtubers, but lately Overly Sarcastic Productions has been getting on my nerves. Not just because they make history videos with fucking chibis in them (seriously, have chibis been relevant to pop culture since 2005?) but because of their creeping SocJus. Like most creatives, they've always had a liberal bias, but in the last video I saw, they made a crack against Capitalism and I had to unsubscribe. (I suppose since they hate Capitalism now, they'll demonetize their videos, right?) And this is a channel that teaches history and literature. Any kid who tries to learn about these subjects via this channel is going to grow up to be insufferable, if not an outright faggot..

ecotecLife #ableist #transphobia #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

At the root of transgenderism is cluster B personality disorders. One of the symptoms of cluster B's... these people attach themselves to random fads or political causes they see in the media to an extreme extent, because they don't have a normal "identity" - IE, long-term hobbies, goals, and interests.

The tranny fad is just the latest thing to be literal crack for BPD's, like the scene/emo trend and third wave feminism before it.

These people also can't regulate their emotions or participate in nuanced discussions because that's literally how BPD works. This is why they can't hold jobs, can't into relationships, or do anything beyond sex work.

BPD tranny sees someone misgendering ChrisChan on Twitter, immediately they take it as a personal attack because it's all they have (like telling an autistic kid you think trains are boring), and their emotions shoot to 100.

Read this over and over again as much as you need to.

Accept Only Substitutes #pratt #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Today, TRAs taught me that I'm a self-hating rapist:


That's not at all what she's saying. We don't let men take care of vulnerable women because we can't read the minds of the men we hire to make sure they aren't perverts and won't sexually assault them. Like it or not men make 99% of the sexual assaults we know of.

A study of college students a number of years ago showed that one third of the men said they saw no problem in having sex with a very overly drunk woman. Many of those men also said rape was wrong.

I'm not here to get into a debate on consent or saying all men are bad, but 1/3 thinking it's okay to take advantage of someone who isn't all there at the moment is terrifying for all women to hear. If that many think that's okay, how many think having sex with a disabled woman or girl is okay?

Maybe if the stats on trans women committing sex crimes were more like women's stats then people would feel more comfortable with letting them take care of the vulnerable. Since we know better it's not at all okay.

I'll go far as to say that anyone who has a penis - in any form - asking to take care of vulnerable women and girls is a huge red flag for being an abuser. These positions go to anyone with a clean criminal record and pay shit, so they aren't attracting the best type of people. It's hard, gross, and demanding work.

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If SCOTUS ends up overturning gay marriage on a federal level, do you all think that would be the catalyst for the LGBT movement to get their shit together again? Since they'd actually have a hill worth dying on.

It's not just marriage. As far as I can tell it's both sex (at least for gay men) and marriage if they were to overturn Lawrence v. Texas as well as Obergefell v. Hodges.

Considering monkeypox (and aids) has shown that gay men won't stop being sex fiends even at risk of disease, the T would be vastly overshadowed in an instant if sex and marriage for the gays were to be struck down. I'd even argue that some of the trans talking points could probably be weaponized against the LGB if someone was so inclined. If men can get pregnant and have vaginas why do you need to be sticking your dick in the ass of another guy?????

Queertardation reaching new levels.

Is it worth dying on? It's basically meaningless for gay people, there's no children unless some help from the opposite sex is involved.

Civil partnerships were that hill and it wasn't enough.

Not to mention that a lot of gay couples don't take it seriously much less so than straight people...they are basically taking the piss out of normality.

I await some salty fag telling me I don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry I already know and yet I still think it.

behindyourightnow #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

I think it is also the fantasy that they will get accepted into the private inner circle of women and be able to participate in secret, female-only stuff (which they think includes sharing tampons with each other). Posting about tampons on TikTok and other places is part of the fantasy; it's aspirational for other troons watching it, and the troon doing the posting gets pleasure both from building up his fantasy and from knowing that other troons envy his successful womanhood.

In reality, not only is "sharing tampons" a fantasy, but these men will never be accepted into women's inner circles. Not even the handmaidens actually want to hang out with male troons in real life; handmaiden support of brave transwomen extends to commenting enthusiastically on posts to show how enlightened they are, and nothing else. Most men who have already trooned out know this deep down, which is part of why they're so bitter and miserable.

Null #transphobia #conspiracy kiwifarms.net

[from a pinned thread “Response Regarding Katherine Deves”)
If you don't want normal women like her to visit this website, you should not censor them on every platform. Women are afraid of transgender-identifying-men because many of them are convicted sex offenders who have access to them and their children in restrooms and locker rooms. These convicted sex offenders are allowed to become teachers and closely work with children in areas such as libraries. Men convicted of a sex offense are now being given access to women's prisons. Imagine the abject horror of being a woman in a cell with a rapist. There is no closer thing to hell on this planet.

TIMs often crusade for "transgender children". To many of them, this means isolating underage children in private chatrooms on services like Discord, encouraging them to watch pornography fetishizing genderbending, and secretly providing them how-to manuals on procuring blackmarket hormone therapy. It is trivial to get cryptocurrency and have someone in Brazil mail you a packet of pills that will stunt your development. TIMs enjoy doing this to children. Mothers are women, and it is normal for women to care that their children may be getting groomed into destroying their bodies for the sexual gratification of strange men online.

On many websites (including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, etc), you are not allowed to say what I've just written. On these same websites, even identifying a TIM as a sex offender or pedophile convicted under their male name may get you banned for 'deadnaming' or 'doxing'.

What I've just written should be common sense. That what I've written is considered hate speech explains why normal people would visit a forum that allows so-called hate speech. To further label these ordinary people as extremists for perusing information, regardless of where it may come from, only harms the health of public discourse. If you disenfranchise a woman for saying "the Kiwi Farms makes a good point", you dismantle democracy at its core. That is what is happening in real time and we all see it.

I've never put a dollar into advertising this website. We are mostly hidden on search engines. Despite this, our userbase doubles every year. It's 100% word of mouth. This is why.

ChaChaHeels:BlackOnes #transphobia kiwifarms.net

I’ve never ever ‘identified’ as woman because there has never been any need to do so.
Forms ask for M/F, not M/W.

I am a woman only because I was once a female zygote, then a female baby, then a female child and, due to the sheer good fortune of not dying in childhood, became a woman at the age of majority (ie adult human female = woman).

Mitch has never been a female zygote, nor a female baby, nor a female child. Thus, the way I became a woman (through aging out of childhood) has fuck all to do with the way Mitch became a pseudowoman.

Try again, Mitch.

JimmerSnail #transphobia #conspiracy kiwifarms.net

Imagine having to apologize for a single joke you made so many years ago that probably nobody remembers nor care about.

Alan Pardew said:
also sure apologizing for a trans joke can be dumb but likely to avoid big backlashes.
Yes, he most probably did that because of it.
"So you said something some years ago that now we find offensive? ask for our forgiveness!"

Pretty much the whole LGBT\SJW community in general, hell they're annoying. they're killing everything they can, the gaming industry is ruined, the movie industry is damaged beyond repair, the music industry is... hell, does it exists anymore? You can't say or do anything without having these ones crying for a protest, because they're bored out of their mind since they have no life, and because they actively do everything to prevent them to be happy, then nobody should as well.
I wish people would've silenced them back when they started being annoying instead of falsely agreeing.

LightDragonman1 #dunning-kruger #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Also, I seriously can't look at the YMMV page for the franchise anymore without cringing, as it is filled to the brim with tropers gushing over how the whole thing is a trans allegory and how it always has been, along with claims that the Agents represent Transphobes, the Red Pill being like estradiol, and the Red Pill takers being those who realize that the world is wrong, and find a new role for themselves while discarding their society assigned roles, along with the fact that the first film was released on Trans Awareness Day.

ChiefHennessey #homophobia kiwifarms.net

(bolding is the submitter’s)

This guy is such a preachy faggot, you can tell he hasn't watched the GenoSamuel doc fully, he's never looked through any of the Chris threads, and hasn't ever seen a Christorian's POV of Chris' Troll History. The entire basis of this video's existence hinges on the idea that everyone who has followed Chris believes every bit of trolling was justified and perfectly fine no matter what. In reality, most of us who are well versed enough in Chris hate BlueSpike, The Idea Guys, and the Fungal Queen ILJ. We all fundamentally understand what they did went past just trolling and was legitimately causing harm to Chris. Then this faggot has the gall to compare people like that to Liqud Chris and Clyde Cash. I honestly would be alot happier if there was a rule that if you spoke about Chris in an uninformed manner your head is bashed in with a lead pipe. I hope this faggot catches AIDS and croaks.

ScooterL #transphobia #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

Tasty Tatty said:
"Rowling dared to talk with someone who doesn't align 100% with our approved views!!"

What a sad, miserable existence these people live. None of them are capable of interact with anyone who has their own views..."

"...with someone whose fake views that I made up myself don't align with our approved views!!"

Infernal #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia kiwifarms.net

The thing is, Chris [McGee] seems to be just trying to avoid controversy and exist in the lgbt community and move on with his sad pathetic life, because most people have either forgotten or stopped caring about him long ago, even the twitter troons and fags who prided themselves in putting Chris on blast before, I guess because there are bigger accounts to cancel, there was never much return in terms of clout for going after a nobody like Chris, and performative "community safety" activism only exists to gain clout and prove they're the "acceptable" fags when in reality they're just as degenerate as Chris, they just are better about not getting outed like Chris's dumb ass. Despite efforts to inform people about his name change by some of the original callout people, the rebrand worked.

I think what may have helped Chris fly under the radar is he's so far kept his nose clean since the last major incident. (I certainly haven't seen anything about a new grooming attempt on a minor and not just regular old simping for fictional characters that even the lgbt weirdos who called him out are even guilty of themselves.) He hasn't talked about Harry at all, or even about the harassment he supposedly receives from people like us or "antis" other than extremely vague stuff that doesn't bring up the accusations. He just whines about being bad at competitive games, He's trying in vain to get enough average viewers to make affiliate on Twitch, and is now simping hard for this bad undertale-clone he's been playing. (I hate Undertale with a passion for the damage it's done to the gaming medium by onboarding a bunch of cringe lgbt bullshit into games, but this Omori game somehow manages to be worse from what little i've seen of it, It's WAY more pretentious than most of Toby Fox's shit, and I guess it clicked with Chris because it's total shota bait,)

He's just like any other twitter transtrander now. It's kinda silly how easy cancel culture let him off the hook so easily.

behindyourightnow #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

It's funny that they try to shoehorn themselves in when as far as I'm aware they haven't even done anything to help abortion rights. In fact they've actively hindered it by making a big screech over the use of the word "women." That's like sabotaging the gun rights debate by insisting "guns kill people" is disinclusive of animals because animals are shot by guns too, and making a big screech to get anti-gun people to say "guns kill sentient beings." It makes no sense to dispute the one single thing your argument is about, it's infuriating.

They have actively hindered most recent feminist movements and projects by demanding to be centered and then making it all about themselves, which causes most actual women to leave or tune out. They have spent years making it impossible for women to even describe themselves without including males as well (first they came after “women” then “female” then “biological female” which they now call a TERF Nazi dog whistle). How can you organize if you can’t even define your own group?

They couldn’t be more successful if they were an actual MRA psyop.

It's because with leftism in the west now, you have to have lockstep adherence whatever the new orthodoxy is. You can't be pro-abortion, but pro-freedom of speech, or pro-women's rights, but pro-gun. You must march in lockstep to whatever the twitter mind has decided is the correct stance on any issue, as determined by who can come up with the most viral hot take.

Left and right (particularly left these days) have become social groups, not political ones. Political beliefs are just a way of signaling group identity. You’ll confuse and anger people if you claim to be part of their group without performing the appropriate verbal rituals.

Remember that white leftists in particular have lost access to most other group identities that might have given them meaning in the past (religious membership, national pride, any sense of local community) and so they’re desperate for something bigger than themselves to belong to. It’s just a shame that they latched onto performative online idpol rather than setting up a workers’ rights movement or something.

verifymejoshuaconnormoon & Asmobaby #psycho #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net


Women indulge troons way too much, both the ftms and mtfs find validation with women much more often than with men, the troon issue is like a female civil war.

gay men shit on ftms because they’re pathetic and an inconvenience at most.

the reason why women are passive/claim to support mtfs is because they’re violent narcissists who can physically harm us if they’re set off (not being the center of attention). that and women who are vocal against mtfs will get doxed and get rape/death threats.

the worst ftms can do when rejected by gay men is play the victim or call them faggots. mtfs are by far more unhinged and dangerous towards women, lesbians in particular.

i can confidently say that most women secretly are disgusted by them. nobody sees mtfs as women, just ignore them or pretend to support them out of necessity or pity. the ones who genuinely do support them are uninformed or just as crazy as the troons. there is not a single well-adjusted person who could look at the contents of this thread and honestly say they support troons.

Exactly this. Notice that only women ever get the "terf" label from MtF's. Never men, not ever. And the term "terf" can get you the rape/death threats and/or cost you a career as well.

Troons know it's way easier to punish a real woman - it's kind of what they're all about, really. They are making a mockery of us. They wish they could be us, fuck us, subdue us, replace us. It's this whole new form of misogyny, disguised as something "good" and "progressive."

And, yeah, we do find them disgusting. Especially whenever they "dress up" and look even more ridiculous. A real woman, at some point, figures out how to dress for her figure/bone structure but these troons never seem to do be able that (even the ones who get plastic surgery to look like Kardashians still look fucking ridiculous and try-harding). But it's our inherent "motherly" nature that will make most of us be neutral and/or nice to them out of self-preservation. Who wants to get punched by a man? Especially one that could "get away with it"??

Valkorion #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

I love how these retards don't understand how the constitution works. The Second Amendment clearly states that "[...]the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed", so the SCOTUS was probably right in overturning a state's (New York, in this case) law that did infringe said right. However, the constitution says nothing about abortion, and Roe v. Wade was repeatedly criticized for stretching the right to privacy guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to cover abortions and effectively being "legislation from the bench" meaning that the Court overstepped its boundaries with that decision.

The difference between guns and abortion is that the constitution explicitly guarantees a right to bear guns (yes, it refers to "arms" but that term covers firearms and is usually interpreted as doing so) while it does not make a single mention of abortion. Therefore, it can be argued that the constitution does not confer a right to abortion, and the Supreme Court was right to hand the decision back to the states, in the absence of federal legislation.

That being said, this year truly is the year of the chud.

Legoshi #transphobia kiwifarms.net


Yeah, many gay men and lesbians are starting to get sick of the T mate. The constant hysteria will tire and wear down even the most supportive allies. What the fuck is he going on about with the "assimilation"? AFAIK, the majority of gays want to get on with their lives without any problem like your typical straight person. Why deny them the right to "assimilate"? Once again, the T is being selfish and attempting to bring the rest of the LGB down to sink with them.


Safeguarding women and children over the feelings of paraphilic biological males are such unforgiveable human rights violations! It deprives them of their entitlement to beat women in sports and wank off in the public women's toilets, the terror! Pure evil! The most oppressed of them all!

Oh those poor little Western Twitter troons! It must be really hard having a terminally online existence as one of thre safest demographics in the world. The most civil disagreements on the Internet constitute as a literal stepping stone for genocide to these deluded morons. And they wonder why people aren't supporting them anymore. It's sad really.

"Cis homos" who get flogged in Brunei, placed in conversion therapy in the Deep South, assaulted in Russia, correctively raped by ISIS, or made to undergo sex reassignment surgery in Iran must have it so good in comparison. Fuck that, misgendering a troon is worlds worse in terms of violence!

The aforementioned trans car: