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If SCOTUS ends up overturning gay marriage on a federal level, do you all think that would be the catalyst for the LGBT movement to get their shit together again? Since they'd actually have a hill worth dying on.

It's not just marriage. As far as I can tell it's both sex (at least for gay men) and marriage if they were to overturn Lawrence v. Texas as well as Obergefell v. Hodges.

Considering monkeypox (and aids) has shown that gay men won't stop being sex fiends even at risk of disease, the T would be vastly overshadowed in an instant if sex and marriage for the gays were to be struck down. I'd even argue that some of the trans talking points could probably be weaponized against the LGB if someone was so inclined. If men can get pregnant and have vaginas why do you need to be sticking your dick in the ass of another guy?????

Queertardation reaching new levels.

Is it worth dying on? It's basically meaningless for gay people, there's no children unless some help from the opposite sex is involved.

Civil partnerships were that hill and it wasn't enough.

Not to mention that a lot of gay couples don't take it seriously much less so than straight people...they are basically taking the piss out of normality.

I await some salty fag telling me I don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry I already know and yet I still think it.

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Women indulge troons way too much, both the ftms and mtfs find validation with women much more often than with men, the troon issue is like a female civil war.

gay men shit on ftms because they’re pathetic and an inconvenience at most.

the reason why women are passive/claim to support mtfs is because they’re violent narcissists who can physically harm us if they’re set off (not being the center of attention). that and women who are vocal against mtfs will get doxed and get rape/death threats.

the worst ftms can do when rejected by gay men is play the victim or call them faggots. mtfs are by far more unhinged and dangerous towards women, lesbians in particular.

i can confidently say that most women secretly are disgusted by them. nobody sees mtfs as women, just ignore them or pretend to support them out of necessity or pity. the ones who genuinely do support them are uninformed or just as crazy as the troons. there is not a single well-adjusted person who could look at the contents of this thread and honestly say they support troons.

Exactly this. Notice that only women ever get the "terf" label from MtF's. Never men, not ever. And the term "terf" can get you the rape/death threats and/or cost you a career as well.

Troons know it's way easier to punish a real woman - it's kind of what they're all about, really. They are making a mockery of us. They wish they could be us, fuck us, subdue us, replace us. It's this whole new form of misogyny, disguised as something "good" and "progressive."

And, yeah, we do find them disgusting. Especially whenever they "dress up" and look even more ridiculous. A real woman, at some point, figures out how to dress for her figure/bone structure but these troons never seem to do be able that (even the ones who get plastic surgery to look like Kardashians still look fucking ridiculous and try-harding). But it's our inherent "motherly" nature that will make most of us be neutral and/or nice to them out of self-preservation. Who wants to get punched by a man? Especially one that could "get away with it"??

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I love how these retards don't understand how the constitution works. The Second Amendment clearly states that "[...]the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed", so the SCOTUS was probably right in overturning a state's (New York, in this case) law that did infringe said right. However, the constitution says nothing about abortion, and Roe v. Wade was repeatedly criticized for stretching the right to privacy guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to cover abortions and effectively being "legislation from the bench" meaning that the Court overstepped its boundaries with that decision.

The difference between guns and abortion is that the constitution explicitly guarantees a right to bear guns (yes, it refers to "arms" but that term covers firearms and is usually interpreted as doing so) while it does not make a single mention of abortion. Therefore, it can be argued that the constitution does not confer a right to abortion, and the Supreme Court was right to hand the decision back to the states, in the absence of federal legislation.

That being said, this year truly is the year of the chud.

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How are lesbians and gay men harmed by abortion bans? If only words still had meanings!

Ok, super late but here ya go: As a big ol' 'mo who works a high paying job that actually contributes to society, I already pay a shitton of taxes to support welfare babies. I have absofuckinglutely no interest in paying for all the "christian" rape babies an abortion ban is going to result in on top of it.

Anybody who wants to ban abortions should be made to pay for supporting all the resulting little drains on society it produces themselves.

Personally, I want to see more abortions, not less. Make that shit mandatory for people below a defined income level. Shit, make it mandatory for people below a defined IQ level while you're at it.

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White middle class men in drag really seem to get upset when a black succesful man goes on a stage and makes people laugh

The only thing they hate more than black men are mild-mannered British authors of children's books, it seems.

Here's my theory! I'm sure others have had this same take, so I apologize for the autism or regurgitation of common knowledge: It's like what many have said about "male feminists." They use that identity to get them "in." Clout, points, whatever - "I'm the good guy; now I'm on your side!"

God, I'm drunk on my first weekend off in a while here so bear with me...How do I put this articulately? It's like, these white "CIS men" who have been told for most of their lives that "white CIS men are the evil ones" they, not surprisingly, want to reject that, right? So they troon out. Ok, good. So now that they trooned out they can be "women" now - and NOW they can freely hurt women if they so want (because they are "women" now, ya follow?). Check. They "get" to do that now. How great for these men to be able to freely hurt us. Love that for us.

So next! These still "white" but now "un-CIS" ladies(?)...Well now there is the "minority" thing in question. But waitaminute! These white men in dresses "rank lower" than any minority out there because...Well, because they say so! And because they have created the "victim rankings" they get to rank "lower" than whomever they want. And because they rank themselves on the lowest victim tier they now get the full privilege to hate on, attack and say whatever they'd like about whomever they like.

But long story short: Men (and it's often white men, but I'm not trying to sperg by saying that) want a reason to be able to go all out on women and minorities while still retaining their liberal, progressive status. This is just a given. So I'm never surprised when I see troons happily posting about wanting to kill/cancel a black person or a woman or a lesbian - they "get to" do that now, free from consequences! It's what they've always wanted, really. Just had to troon out to do it, and now it's a goddamned free-for-all.

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The other side is the bisexual pride flag. I see so many bisexuals whine about biphobia, but they're mostly full of shit. Gender ideology essentially preaches bisexual supremacy because to them a person's sex isn't relevant in sexual attraction. This flag is basically saying trannies and bisexuals are the most oprressed in the community. Most bisexuals end up in heterosexual relationships and are seen as heterosexual, but they want to whine that they are some how more oppressed than gays & lesbians.

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Yeah, many gay men and lesbians are starting to get sick of the T mate. The constant hysteria will tire and wear down even the most supportive allies. What the fuck is he going on about with the "assimilation"? AFAIK, the majority of gays want to get on with their lives without any problem like your typical straight person. Why deny them the right to "assimilate"? Once again, the T is being selfish and attempting to bring the rest of the LGB down to sink with them.


Safeguarding women and children over the feelings of paraphilic biological males are such unforgiveable human rights violations! It deprives them of their entitlement to beat women in sports and wank off in the public women's toilets, the terror! Pure evil! The most oppressed of them all!

Oh those poor little Western Twitter troons! It must be really hard having a terminally online existence as one of thre safest demographics in the world. The most civil disagreements on the Internet constitute as a literal stepping stone for genocide to these deluded morons. And they wonder why people aren't supporting them anymore. It's sad really.

"Cis homos" who get flogged in Brunei, placed in conversion therapy in the Deep South, assaulted in Russia, correctively raped by ISIS, or made to undergo sex reassignment surgery in Iran must have it so good in comparison. Fuck that, misgendering a troon is worlds worse in terms of violence!

The aforementioned trans car:


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[from a pinned thread “Response Regarding Katherine Deves”)
If you don't want normal women like her to visit this website, you should not censor them on every platform. Women are afraid of transgender-identifying-men because many of them are convicted sex offenders who have access to them and their children in restrooms and locker rooms. These convicted sex offenders are allowed to become teachers and closely work with children in areas such as libraries. Men convicted of a sex offense are now being given access to women's prisons. Imagine the abject horror of being a woman in a cell with a rapist. There is no closer thing to hell on this planet.

TIMs often crusade for "transgender children". To many of them, this means isolating underage children in private chatrooms on services like Discord, encouraging them to watch pornography fetishizing genderbending, and secretly providing them how-to manuals on procuring blackmarket hormone therapy. It is trivial to get cryptocurrency and have someone in Brazil mail you a packet of pills that will stunt your development. TIMs enjoy doing this to children. Mothers are women, and it is normal for women to care that their children may be getting groomed into destroying their bodies for the sexual gratification of strange men online.

On many websites (including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, etc), you are not allowed to say what I've just written. On these same websites, even identifying a TIM as a sex offender or pedophile convicted under their male name may get you banned for 'deadnaming' or 'doxing'.

What I've just written should be common sense. That what I've written is considered hate speech explains why normal people would visit a forum that allows so-called hate speech. To further label these ordinary people as extremists for perusing information, regardless of where it may come from, only harms the health of public discourse. If you disenfranchise a woman for saying "the Kiwi Farms makes a good point", you dismantle democracy at its core. That is what is happening in real time and we all see it.

I've never put a dollar into advertising this website. We are mostly hidden on search engines. Despite this, our userbase doubles every year. It's 100% word of mouth. This is why.

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I’ve never ever ‘identified’ as woman because there has never been any need to do so.
Forms ask for M/F, not M/W.

I am a woman only because I was once a female zygote, then a female baby, then a female child and, due to the sheer good fortune of not dying in childhood, became a woman at the age of majority (ie adult human female = woman).

Mitch has never been a female zygote, nor a female baby, nor a female child. Thus, the way I became a woman (through aging out of childhood) has fuck all to do with the way Mitch became a pseudowoman.

Try again, Mitch.

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I think it is also the fantasy that they will get accepted into the private inner circle of women and be able to participate in secret, female-only stuff (which they think includes sharing tampons with each other). Posting about tampons on TikTok and other places is part of the fantasy; it's aspirational for other troons watching it, and the troon doing the posting gets pleasure both from building up his fantasy and from knowing that other troons envy his successful womanhood.

In reality, not only is "sharing tampons" a fantasy, but these men will never be accepted into women's inner circles. Not even the handmaidens actually want to hang out with male troons in real life; handmaiden support of brave transwomen extends to commenting enthusiastically on posts to show how enlightened they are, and nothing else. Most men who have already trooned out know this deep down, which is part of why they're so bitter and miserable.

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Imagine having to apologize for a single joke you made so many years ago that probably nobody remembers nor care about.

Alan Pardew said:
also sure apologizing for a trans joke can be dumb but likely to avoid big backlashes.
Yes, he most probably did that because of it.
"So you said something some years ago that now we find offensive? ask for our forgiveness!"

Pretty much the whole LGBT\SJW community in general, hell they're annoying. they're killing everything they can, the gaming industry is ruined, the movie industry is damaged beyond repair, the music industry is... hell, does it exists anymore? You can't say or do anything without having these ones crying for a protest, because they're bored out of their mind since they have no life, and because they actively do everything to prevent them to be happy, then nobody should as well.
I wish people would've silenced them back when they started being annoying instead of falsely agreeing.

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Ἥλιος said:
Speaking of Kris, the hole shtick of using "they/them" pronouns on him is idiotic. His design is clearly masculine, but of course Toby Fox wanting to pander to/being part of the tumblrite community makes him "non-binary" or whatever.
Gru said:
That's exactly how it was done in Chapter 1, everybody just referred to Kris as, well, Kris, and it didn't throw me out of any of the scenes because the game wasn't trying to force anything down my throat.

But now Chapter 2 comes in and is trying to force the nonbinary they shit down my throat and it takes me out of all the scenes, like you said. Thankfully from what I know of Chapter 1 the lang.json files the game's script was in were just in a folder without having to check through the .exe's files itself. It's probably the same with Chapter 2 unless Toby did some bullshit there so it'll probably be easy for somebody to just mod the game with some text edits to go back to the Chapter 1 format of writing around Kris.
I detest the "non-binary" fad (maybe even more so than standard trannies) and have no doubt that Toby's in the woke cult that propagates it, but the impression I have is that Kris' is just an innocent repeat of Frisk's concept from 2015: a player-character made simplistically androgynous for both male and female players to project onto, meaning that you'll always be correct whether you say the character is a boy or a girl. While it's true that Kris does appear to be more masculine than Frisk, there's still enough ambiguity, especially next to Susie who we would've absolutely interpreted to be a boy if her name wasn't fuckin' Susie. So far, it seems to me that there's been just as much restraint in calling Kris singular "they" as there was for Frisk, although dialogue could've been written to avoid pronouns altogether.

On the other hand, I do realize that the major difference between the games' protagonists is that Kris is established immediately to be divorced from the player with a backstory and set name used repeatedly while the player is meant to believe in being Frisk.

On another note now that I've played Chapter 2 myself, I really wish Ralsei kept the hat. Same goes for Susie's hair to a lesser extent.

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"Bad" vs. "Good" science pertains whether the research follows follows accepted philosophical frameworks (objectivity, falsifiability, free from hidden assumption, etc) and methodologies (control groups, statistical rigor, etc) of the time. In this sense neither Rogan nor the anti-ivermectin propaganda of the CDC constitutes "good science".

If we cared about transsexuals in the first place, people wouldn't have guzzled on horse-paste and aquarium cleaners.

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Haters screaming: "What be when wifed young girl is not young anymore?"
Depends-is she Ioli friend waifu, or female wifeoid

What is friend waifu? As lithuanian proverb says: "In bad time you know who's your friend". Friend waifu comes to broken man to help improve life, friend waifu can be saviour and partner. And so, when friend waifu starts to get aging-thats is bad time for girl, but as she is friend-friends are not to be left in bad time
Depends also on how waifu ageing-is she trying to be youthfull, as man wishes, or trying to fulfill norms of society, but not her man-in that case is not so friend, and can be kicked out
And doesnt count, if comes to improve life of broken chad-its not friend, its just cunt who goes after chads

Female wifeoid is greedy primitive creature, cares only about breeding, so avoids broken man, and comes only when man achieved some success
without her help. And most times to use as betabux, after riding chad cock carousel, but even in case of avoiding that sluttery and going right to reliable man, she is just greedy leech, not friend. And as wifeoid values man not as friend, but provider, so wifeoid's value is only in youth and fertility. When aging, wifeoid loses all value, while man can be even better provider with time, so wifeoid needs to be thrown
away and replaced by new young one

Thats reason I hate talks about self improvement and life improvement before searching waifu, because that is way to find wifeoids, inferior
creatures with low value who need to be replaced. Being broken is risky maneuver, but also can help find waifu who is real friend. What is very hard in this degenerate dark world of primitive cunts

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"Zack is good example of male socializing of troons, they never grew up hearing "this looks good on you, but this doesn't, here's why"--so they seem to think they can wear anything? or are they just getting off on wearing women's clothes?
they seem very particular about what they wear (which they must see as 'womanly') so not sure why they always end up looking so shitty?"

My family says similar things, and it's funnier in the context of the claim of how being a woman is a social construct vs social constructs being bad.

Dressing like a woman doesn't make you one, but dressing like one is a big part of the identity of being a woman and how we are perceived, same for males. So, if you believe womanhood is a social construct, then you have to accept that the lack of social interactions you mentioned and they never had, makes them all failed women.

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I know this probably isn't the right thread for this, but has anyone noticed the influx of MtF Youtubers as of late? Kuledud3, gomotion, Nyx and etc. Next thing you know, the Nostalgia Critic will announce that he's a trans woman and prefer to be called Dana Walker.

Every time a thumbnail with some young teenager-ish bimbo shows up in my recommendation, she's always in some kind of anti-terf or "trans women are women" shirt.

I don't know if all teenage girls are cowed into submission by trannycock these days, or if YouTube is just heavily promoting these idiots for some reason.

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They're not my least favorite Youtubers, but lately Overly Sarcastic Productions has been getting on my nerves. Not just because they make history videos with fucking chibis in them (seriously, have chibis been relevant to pop culture since 2005?) but because of their creeping SocJus. Like most creatives, they've always had a liberal bias, but in the last video I saw, they made a crack against Capitalism and I had to unsubscribe. (I suppose since they hate Capitalism now, they'll demonetize their videos, right?) And this is a channel that teaches history and literature. Any kid who tries to learn about these subjects via this channel is going to grow up to be insufferable, if not an outright faggot..

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If you’re online, it takes about three minutes for someone to blame X ethnicity for every problem. Normal people shrug this off. Schizos find it as a link to other things and then spiral out from there, like Harris.

I've known quite a few blacks who employed similar sorts of defense mechanisms when constrained by more middle-class (white) social standards. They intuitively, reflexively, unconsciously pick up on the fact that their individual psychologies are at racial odds with their collective social environment. A similar thing happens when other races are forced to extensively interact with blacks. The more spiritually civilized races become extremely agitated when they're forced to defend their psychic cleanliness on a day to day basis against an invading race that not only does not adhere to the same moral framework as they, but are indeed anathema to the one being defended. You can see it in the rise of racial prejudice as America becomes both more black and more socially discordant. You can literally track the usage of the word nigger in analytics software on the internet tightly following the ebb and flow of politically correct language in mass marketing and journalism.

I think this guys unconscious was responding to what he saw as an extremely hostile social environment where no one was attracted to him, and no one respected him. The fact he was affirmative actioned all the way up to a fucking PhD. in philosophy literally sent him insane with confusion, hence his paranoiac psychotic focus on the fact he was a black man ensconced within an academic edifice housing the whitest social environment in existence.

He was no doubt surrounded day to day by whites, jews, native Americans, and other spiritually advanced races that unanimously broadcast the same subliminal signal ... "why the fuck is this nigger here ..."

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"A little change in vocabulary is all I'm asking. It won't hurt you so why do you have to hurt me?"
"A little access to women's bathroom is all I'm asking. It won't hurt you so why do you have to hurt me?"
"A little stick of my lesbian girldick in your lesbian 'front hole' is all I'm asking. It won't hurt you so why do you have to hurt me?"
"A little stay with vulnerable women and their young daughter in domestic-abuse shelters is all I'm asking. It won't hurt you so why do you have to hurt me?"
"A little firing of doctors, academics and government officials is all I'm asking. It won't hurt you so why do you have to hurt me?"

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Also, I seriously can't look at the YMMV page for the franchise anymore without cringing, as it is filled to the brim with tropers gushing over how the whole thing is a trans allegory and how it always has been, along with claims that the Agents represent Transphobes, the Red Pill being like estradiol, and the Red Pill takers being those who realize that the world is wrong, and find a new role for themselves while discarding their society assigned roles, along with the fact that the first film was released on Trans Awareness Day.

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Related to the topic at hand, the way MTFs are treated in gay male spaces online is probably completely different from how they would be treated IRL.

On occasion, I will see someone white knighting for troons by criticizing that gay men call vaginas gross because it hurts troon feelings and "not all gay men have penises." Of course, since this is on the internet, there is no way to know if the person saying this is actually a gay man. They probably are not. It is ironic troons want gay men to stop bonding over disliking vaginas, since that is kind of one of the few things all gay men have in common.

Another thing I have seen, primarily on Reddit, is an NSFW picture or video of a FTM in a subreddit that dedicated to gay men. These posts often get a decent amount of upvotes. Think of it like when a troon posts a shitty nail job on a nail art subreddit; they get showered in praise. I see three reasons for someone upvoting it: 1. societal pressure to conform to wokeness and pretend that the woman is a man; 2. the people upvoting are not gay at all, but are bisexual men or straight women; or 3. the person upvoting is a troon. It is an incredibly jarring experience to be a gay man scrolling through one of these subreddits and suddenly being confronted with pictures of someone with a hairy chest, beard, and labia, or worse, a testosterone-engorged clitoris.


Woke societal pressure may make some gay men feel obligated to at least make these women feel welcome in gay male spaces, but they would never consider dating one of them.

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Florida passed the Anti-Grooming Bill: https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/ron-png.3056808/

As if every single person in the classroom were begging to be turned gay or trans by predatory "teachers".


No, it is wrong for medical schools to avoid mentioning "transgender" and "gender dysphoria", especially given the prevalence of these conditions in America. They should address these conditions as mental illnesses.


Following Texas, Idaho passes a bill that criminalizes quacks who mutilate children's genitals.

AngryTreeRat #homophobia #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Kids feel pressured to figure themselves out too young, and aren't told they should constant revised their sense of self and who they are all while being bombarded with possible things they might identify as. You can see this with people trying to get their kids to figure out if they are gay, straight, cis, or trans before they are even 10 years old. They are given a weird warped idea of what these things are as they are told they are told things like "when boys like boys or girls like girls then they are gay" and little kids tend to play with their own gender and those are the people they like so they decide they are gay, attach that to their identity, which kids do with everything and healthy adults learn to undo and detach their interests form their identity, get it constantly reinforced and I have met a few people leaving their gay identity behind because it was something they make a decision on before they understood what it meant and felt pressured to stick to it. Similarly this happens with gender nonconforming kids being told they are trans when no, little Sally is just a tomgirl, and Billy just likes horses, but the troons are the biggest advocates for strict gender conformity, some of which I think is projections.

The Emperor Skeksis #transphobia #wingnut kiwifarms.net

Supporting/mentioning/memeing Harry Potter is considered a red flag by ADULTS who are able to read age-appropriate literature aimed at their age-appropriate reading level.

It's coming back around to being a dog whistle now, since JK decided to die on the hill of women's rights to oppose troons.

One day in the near future, after the Big Book Burning when all wrongthink books have been destroyed by the Great Diversity Council and the public execution-through-girldick of Joanne Rowling, TERFs living in deep cover will signal through their knowledge of Harry Potter. 'Snape was an incel' will be grafittied in the unisex toilets, 'Hermione was black, her skin colour was never explicitly stated', will be etched into a table at uni. And any woman reading will know that there is still hope.

Flexo #dunning-kruger #pratt kiwifarms.net

It's because the system always needs new victims to feed the activist machine. Jews, Blacks, Gays, and Women are all accepted by society now. They're fast-tracking the trans freaks to get them "normalized" so it's time to see who's next after that. It's about down to furries, beastiality and pedophilia so they're going with the most palatable one.

ScooterL #transphobia #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

Tasty Tatty said:
"Rowling dared to talk with someone who doesn't align 100% with our approved views!!"

What a sad, miserable existence these people live. None of them are capable of interact with anyone who has their own views..."

"...with someone whose fake views that I made up myself don't align with our approved views!!"

Sourceress #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Oh, they know - I would bet money the activists organizing this shit know that this isn't a law, but they have a vested interest in lying about it and making sure that all you see in the media is the lie, and never the truth. If people actually looked into the guidance and why it exists, they would realize that it's reasonable, because most sane people would agree that pumping your kids full of dangerous chemicals and sterilizing them is child abuse. So they have to sensationalize - it's not "the Texas AG says sterilizing kids is abuse," it's "Texas made a law that if you send your son to school in a dress CPS will remove your child from your home and massacre your family!! But don't look at their Evil Fascist Materials, just take my word for it!" 90% of liberals live in social media bubbles and will never be exposed to the reality of the issue anyway, so it works.

They're doing the same thing with the bill in Florida that they're calling the "don't say gay" bill. Of course, it has very little to do with homosexuality, it's about protecting kids from trans activists and their agenda of sterilizing little kids. If you actually read the text of the bill (Kara Dansky provides a link here) it basically says you can't teach gender and sexuality to kids before third grade and, more importantly, that school employees (faculty, counselors, etc.) are not allowed to keep important shit like mental health issues from parents or institute serious changes without parental notification and consent - in other words, no more school counselors helping kids change their names behind their parent's back, no more hiding from parents that the school counselor helped their daughter get hooked up with exogenous testosterone, no withholding from parents that little Jimmy is threatening suicide unless everybody calls him Jane.

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Nod Flenders said:
"There are only two sexes, male and female. Just stating this fact will send Tropers into an autistic rage.

Being this divorced from reality pretty much proves that these people are sick in the head."

NerdShamer said:
"Honestly, just refusing to play along with the "gender is an spectrum!" narrative is enough to piss off a lot of NPCs.

Besides, it's not like what page that they have for this kind of stuff is backed by science."

So much for their preaching about tolerance.

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Corrupt Cali judge stripped conscientious father of custody of his son, using false analogy: "If your son is so fragile that he'd be mentally damaged if he is confronted about his delusion, will you insist on him getting help?"


TikTok to ban videos in support of "conversion therapy". How about yeeting your teets?

Conversion therapies has been "tried" but never really clinically "tested" -- there is no commonly agreed protocol to "test". To say it doesn't work is like saying randomly hacking the brain does not cure brain tumor. Also keep in mind that we are now seeing a new types of gender confusion -- ROGD -- that transsexual activists simply forbid researchers to investigate.

Positron #homophobia #transphobia kiwifarms.net

The fall, and fall, and fall of “rapid-onset gender dysphoria”: New study does not find evidence of a distinct “ROGD” population of gender-diverse youthu -- This is the recent Canadian study that relies on answers by the kids themselves. How much faith you can put into it? Indeed Lisa Littman, in her pioneering paper on ROGD, made it clear that the internet has taught the kid what to tell health care people

Facing their Number One Existential Threat -- misgendering -- trannies seek safety in number:


Fish Fudge #pratt kiwifarms.net

Neil Gaiman is, and always has been, a spineless simp. He's written a handful of decent books, but as soon as you start reading about his relationship with Amanda Palmer it's impossible to have any respect for him.

Hell, he never proposed to Amanda Palmer - she just showed up one day and sprung a "surprise-marriage" on him, which he just went along with because I guess women intimidate him or something.

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Evil Hat decided to make more Cthulu games
They decided that CurrentDayPolitics demands that Lovecraft is racist
Proceeds to say "Lovecraft is racsist, problematic, awful, terrible, and a Nazi."
Publishes information about upcoming Kickstarter/Project that involves Lovecraft/Cthulu Mythos.
Community says "So Lovecraft is horrible and CurrentDayEvil but you are writing a book using his stuff?"
Evil Hat blocks everyone who calls them out and calls them all *ists, *phobes, and whatever else SJW's label folks
Community moves on from EH and their work.
Book gets published albiet at less than what was expected as SJW's don't buy books and normal customers don't buy shit from companies that hate them and tell them "If you don't agree with us don't buy our products".*
*Corrected as the KS was successful at 97k down from 300k which their next title somehow made about lesbian POC's with swords written by soy boy feminists, troons, and at least one decent writer looking for a paycheck.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton points out that hormone therapy, puberty blockers and sex reassignment procedures are child abuse.


LOL what "best medical practices"?

Very triggering: people saying that kindergarten kids don't need to hear about hundreds of different sexual orientations and gender identities, that children shouldn't be part of a social experiment, and that elementary schools shouldn't invite men in speedos or in drag to talk to the class.


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Overly Sarcastic Productions. As bad as Extra Credits. Blue's 'History' is skewed so far to leftist west-bad bias. Goes through the indian history video praising the Mughal Empire for tolerance, ignores the Mughal persecution and neat eradication of the Sikh Religion. Red is your typical feminist leftist, the Lovecraft video was embarrasing and she spent Trump Election night crying into her guitar.

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(Ted Gazynski)
I don’t think this is true. I think tranny rights is being promoted in much the same way “girl power” used to be: a corporate, media friendly cultural movement that appeals to mainstream liberal sensibilities about individual freedom.

Any genuinely radical feminist perspective would reject it on various grounds. Gender constructivism reasonably asserts that gender is externally imposed based on biological categorization and therefore isn’t some sort of innate identity and cannot be claimed by a male socialized as a man. Furthermore, trans identity generally manifests as a grotesque and misogynistic performance of womanhood driven by deviant male sexual tastes. There’s no reason a consistent radical feminist WOULD support troonery, it’s counterproductive to their goals in a lot of ways(making it valorous for men to occupy spaces women have carved out for themselves is a good example).

I’m not a radfem or a leftist, but accusing them of creating trannies is stupid as fuck.

alot of you are writing with the benefit of hindsight, radical feminists have always wanted to drastically shift the status quo.
for many trans and homosexual rights were part of the progressive agenda which went hand in hand with women's liberation.
many feminists also argued that the main difference in the treatment of men and women was childhood socialisation something which is now a big part of the tranny zeitgeist.
I understand now why feminist would want to distance them selves from the trans movement now that it has had negative effects on women. but I don't see why it's so hard to just admit the part they played in it.

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Flaming Insignias said:
"I know I shouldn't expect much from the death by irony article, but it fills me with anger seeing them cheering on the most vile subreddit."

Do they have an article for all the vaxmaxxers dropping dead during important live events? Surely they'll see the comedy in that, right?

I want to say that I expected nothing worse from tactless, condescending autists. But I guess I was wrong.

A bunch of sociopaths

I'm surprised tropers don't fucking die all the time from the shit they believe unironically

TVTropes pretending to think they know more than actual scientists and virologists thinking that “discrediting” means the same as disagreeing with you.

I thought this was a pseudo intellectual and pretentious subforum to talk about cartoons for little girls and boys.