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[Translated from "Rétablir la vérité sur l’esclavage" - "Reestablish truth about slavery"]

1)Current discourse is anachronic. Slavery can't be abolished below a given economic development level
2)Nobody want to be enslaved. But starving to death is even less desirable. Cruel choice[…]
6)Abolition had catastrophic consequences for everyone when it was premature, like in Haiti
7)Both Church Fathers and Stoic philosophers sanctioned slavery by natural law. They held it as a lesser evil[…]
9)Black slaves brought to America generally lived better than if they had stayed in Africa
10)According to Fogel, Southern black slaves' living standards were better than Northern white workers'
Conclusion:Slavery used to be a necessity. It wasn't a crime. We shouldn't be ashamed of our ancestors

Here 10 paradoxal observations about slavery to complete my analysis
1)Slave descendents asking for reparations should ask them to Africans, whose ancestors sold theirs
2)Slave descendents asking for reparations generally are mixed-blood also descending from slavers
3)Slave descendents asking for reparations wouldn't be alive without slavery
4)It's evident exporting slaves was rentable for Black polities and helped African economy until colonialism[…]
6)The 4 major religions(Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianism and Islam) all sanctioned slavery[…]
8)Those attacking the Atlantic slave trade are mute about the White slave trade by Barbary corsairs[…]
10)Hired workers' fate have no importance to their employers. A slave have much importance for his owners[…]
Conclusion:The myth of the crime against humanity solely applied to the Atlantic slave trade is a weapon of the Cosmopolitan propaganda



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