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RE: Where are you guys from?

A slavic country full of ugly, retarded and entitled moids.

So pretty much like every slavic country? Latvia and Lithuania are not any better either.

I guess every slavic country is a pathology because of moids in it. So many ugly boyos and every tries to date up.

I thought I'm just not into guys or asexual before I moved out for the first time because I didn't find men visually appealing at all. Turned out other countries actually have attractive men everywhere.

I remember when there was a trend on Twitter where girls would change their location on Tinder to a Western country and post screenshots. It was like, wait you're telling me men can be attractive and take care of their appearance...?

I don't even feel bad shitting on our men tbh cause they're on of the most sexist pricks second only after conservative Muslim men.

Slavic men are so fkn ugly it's unreal. I saw someone describe them as looking like 'potatoes pickled in vodka', and I have been using it to describe them ever since. I swear there's like only 4 attractive men in all of Slavic countries, total.

'potatoes pickled in vodka', lmao, that's a perfectly accurate description.

I'm surprised about the negative comments regarding eastern european men. I've tried dating apps and eastern europeans were way more nicer to me than the usual latinos I encounter.

I'm from one of the latin american countries with a white majority, so no typical olive skinned sexy latina look. Let me tell you, latino men are the most entitled of them all. And now that latin music is on trend, they think they're hot shit.

Eastern european moids were nice to you because you're not white. They really want some POC girl (exotic appearance & chance for dating up + they think you'll be a total submissive wife). So they simp hard. Meanwhile, they shit on women from their own countries calling them ugly with a potato face and stupid.



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