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I am Eagle Eyes, and I lived over thousand years ago by human count. I want to tell you my story about my people, the White Wolf Tribe, which lived on the land, you call now America. I was born and raised as the daughter of the chief, White Wolf.

My name Eagle Eyes was given to me, because of my sharp vision. We enjoyed our peaceful lives in harmony with surrounding nature. Our ways were not to harm anyone unless, it was necessary, like our men hunted for food. Each time we killed the animal, my tribe did a ritual asking forgiveness for taking a life.

Most of our food came from nature, only a little part from fishing and hunting. My people treasured the gifts was given to us by Mother Nature. We learned from our ancestors the meaning of Love and Gratitude.

The spirituality was part of our life. We sat daily in the circle around the fire making sounds in our native tongue, which connected us to the spirits of our Founding Fathers. We were guided by them to spread Light and Love. Our existence was simple and free. I grew up in a big happy family of the White Wolf Tribe.

There were no split and disagreements between each other. Our shaman was teaching us, on how to travel to other dimensions and connect to the spirits. Yes, we were able to do Astral travels. I seen many unknown and different shape objects passing through our sky, you call them starships. I saw them everyday with my sharp eyes.

The ships flew freely even didn’t hide from us, our presence didn’t cause to them any harm. We lived long and healthy lives, our food and air were clean and natural. I was running with bare feet through our land enjoying each moment.
I came today to remind humankind, what happened to us, it can happen to all of you. You need to learn, how to defend yourselves and be aware of your reality, and be prepared for anything.

The Spirits of My Ancestors express gratitude to this Universal Channel for her courageous stand against the Darkness. Thank you.



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