Stephen Cohen #fundie

Says you, jerk. I am a Democrat. If you support Bernie the you are a Socialst. If Bernie was the honest and ethical person he pretends to be, he'd run as an Independent and Socialist, which is how he has always described himself. Now calling himself. "Democratic Socialist" is bogus and he's just using the word "Democratic" to confuse the gullible. He has never campaigned for othe Democrats in the past. Why? He hates Democrats but s sucking off the Democratic teat since he'd be nowhere running as an Independent. Why did he latch onto a Party he despises. Let him run as an Independent where he could freely rail against "the establishment" as opposed to joining with it and leeching off it.

Bernie is not a progressive. Hillary is. Bernie is a radical and that's been his claim to fame. Talk about voting your conscience, if Bernie got the nomination would he support all the down ticket Democrats he's demeaned and disparaged over the years? Would he allow the Party to use all the tainted money he rails against to run his national campaign?



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