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NEWS 17 Aug 18
Croatian Satirist Threatened for Operation Storm Show

Satirist Domagoj Zovak received a death threat after airing a show about the 1995 Croatian military operation ‘Storm’, which is seen as a historic victory in the country.

Domagoj Zovak, whose satirical TV show News Bar Prime Time airs on regional cable N1 TV, received death threat after the latest episode, about the 23rd anniversary of Croatian military operation ‘Storm’.

“You too will also get [a bullet] in the back of the head,” said a message sent to Zovak on Facebook.

Zovak told N1 that he has received insults from the same Facebook profile before and that he has reported the threat to the police.

“It is great that we have advanced as a society so much that it became normal that if you see on TV something you simply do not like, instead of [taking] the remote control, people decide to send death threats to the author,” Domagoj said ironically.

A report published in May by the Council of Europe’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, ECRI, said that hate speech has been increasing in Croatia and criticised the authorities for their inadequate response.

Hate speech is too often not prosecuted as a criminal offence, the ECRI said.

{submitter's note: the article then gives some basic background info on Operation Storm, which you can read on the link if you want to}



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